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Aliwei Communications vs Windstream

Compare Aliwei Communications vs Windstream. Find out whether Aliwei Communications or Windstream is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Aliwei Communications and Windstream and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below.

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Windstream is one of the industry leaders: a full-service communications service provider for the Midwest, South, and East Coast in the United States. Windstream provides not only VoIP phone service, but also offers Internet and cable television...

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  • Founder Year: 2002
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  • Headquarters Country: United States
  • Founder Year: 1997

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If you have a problem with Windstream's internet or telephone service expect to be on the phone for at least thirty minutes. It takes a least five minutes to even talk to a person while you are forced to listen to all their advertisements and other garbage that you are not interested in and don’t want to hear. Then after forcing you to give your name and the last 4 digits of your SSN three times, you ask your question and they put you on hold for ten to thirty minutes. The last time I called to report that my service wasn't working, I was on the phone, mostly on hold for almost an hour on a call that shouldn't have taken more than two minutes. If your internet or phone is not working, and they have to send out a technician it takes about ten days to two weeks. I called Thursday and was on the phone for an hour waiting on hold, time after time, I was told it would be fixed on Friday the next day. They lied. I called again on Monday and was told it would be the following Monday, (another 7 days) before they would send a technician. In the meantime, I am being charged for the time I am without service. His excuse was, I can call Windstream and they credit those ten days. However, because they will put you on hold, that takes at least another thirty-minute phone call. And, far worse, you are without your internet or landline telephone service. Needless, to I canceled the service and went with a different provider. Even after I finally got to talk to a person, to punish me for canceling, she put me on hold for over thirty minutes when it should have taken about sixty seconds. Naturally, she is polite and doesn’t tell you she is putting you on hold to punish you. Anyone that values their time, should never get service from Windstream. Now if you are a new customer, you quickly get to talk to a person and they will not put you on hold because if they did, you might hang up and they wouldn’t get your money.

DC Wornock October 10th, 2023

We have an office with about 12-15 users (some are part-time so it depends on who is in). We are a legacy Broadview user. Though they merger went through a couple of years ago, The only recently turned off the BroadviewOfficesuite product. I learned this from a Windstream employee when I called for technical support. This technicial told me that the Broadview product was replaced with a newer and better Windstream Officesuite product. When I asked if the 50 to 75 external numbers that I had entered into the Broadview product would port over to the Windstream product, he claimed that it should. After installing the new product the external contacts did not port over. The technician escallated the question and reported back that with the new Windstream Officesuite product not only can you not transfer external contact from the older appplication, YOU CANNOT EVEN MANUALLY ENTER EXTERNAL CONTACT IN THEIR NEW SYSTEM! After again checking with his supervisor, he confirmed this and confirmed that they cannot return me to the older Broadview Officesuite. Separately, a Windstream sales person recently tried to conn us into a five-year contract. We are looking for a new provider right now!

Small_Office_User December 18th, 2020
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