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Compare Ablevoice vs CenturyLink. Find out whether Ablevoice or CenturyLink is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Ablevoice and CenturyLink and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below.

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February 2010 update: We were unable to find a working website for Ablevoice. The provider is probably out of business.

CenturyLink is a full-service provider that offers communication solutions for residences as well as small, medium, and enterprise businesses. They can provide customers with solutions for internet, business phone, residential phone, and TV...

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  • Headquater Country: United States
  • Founder Year: 1981

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We have had the worst experience with CenturyLink, do not bundle anything with them. When we moved they promised that they could give us internet at our new location and that my internet and tv would be on hold and I wouldn’t be charged until it was completed, well they came out three times because in fact I cannot get their service at my new location. So when I finally got my entire account disconnected they credited my account over $300, even gave me a reference number and confirmed I was closed and had a zero balance, this was on 11/28/16 on 12/21/16 I receive what they are saying is my final bill of $336.84 I then called immediately and spoke to the dispute team and they said that the credit was rejected because they already paid direct tv when they all knew I had no services at all. I was then transferred to the escalation team where they discussed with me that they would be in touch with direct tv and if there was any other needed attention on my part they would let me know. Here we are on 10/5/17 I’ve never heard from anyone almost 10 months later so I assumed they finally got it resolved until I was contacted that CenturyLink has put a collection on my credit! I am almost 50 years old and have never had a collection. I’ve spent countless hours talking to everyone as to why I wouldn’t be contacted to let me know that in fact they were holding me responsible for the charges which is bs! All corporate could say is I’m not sure why our financial dept wouldn’t send anything out or call because even corporate agrees that something should have went out. I told them that I was not paying for something that they knew I didn’t have, every person that I have spoken to just says you owe the money and that’s that. I try asking why would I be credited with a reference number for someone to just overturn it, nobody can answer me! This company is trying to get money out of a customer that they are well aware thy don’t deserve. I’m so frustrated with them and would never recommend them to anyone, I feel like they are just totally bullying me into paying something that I shouldn’t have to!

Tammiestefan October 6th, 2017

So I moved into a new apartment and needed internet. The town we live in is small so there weren’t very many options since not a lot of Internet companies have their cables in all areas of the city. One of the choices were Century link and we decided to settle for them because they had a $34.95 a month plan for 12 mbps (which is still crap) and it didn’t have a usage limit. After talking to a representative on the phone I made it very clear that I didn’t want to set up an Internet plan until I spoke to my wife about it first. I just wanted information. So the overenthusiastic representative (who the company seems to emphasize when enrolling people and take their money) set up an account but failed to tell me he set up a time for a tech to come even though I didn’t commit. So after hanging up with him and speaking to my wife we officially agreed to go with century link. So we called them and apparently they told us that we were already set up with an account and had a date to have a technician come. The fun stuff starts when the time comes for the technician to show up and they lied about him showing up on the day that he was supposed to show up. So after fighting tooth and nail to get him to show up when they said he was going to show up The technician arrives and tells us that we can’t have 12 mbps, only 7.... and then he proceeded to install it anyway even though we signed a contract for 12 Mb per second. And so we called Century link and they said that we’re still gonna have to pay the same price for the 12 Mb per second even though they swindled us. So now we are stuck with crappy Internet over paying for it while century link costumer service all of a sudden becomes useless and rude

Davidmh1 September 21st, 2017
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Good price, easy transition, phones were good quality (Polycom), BUT - if anything goes wrong, good luck getting support. Often they're not available...

December 19th, 2017 - John Roller
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thank you for all that extra help with our transition to net2phone, appreciate your time and service!

December 17th, 2017 - allaprot

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