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What are broadband phone companies?

Broadband phone companies are phone providers that allow VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, calls to be made over the Internet. These broadband phone companies send and receive phone calls over the IP network, which is a much more affordable way of transmitting data than using the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN), the network behind the traditional telephone companies. With a switch to a broadband phone company, you could save up to 80%, the equivalent of hundreds of dollars (or even thousands), on your monthly phone bills.

What are the unique features of broadband phone companies?

No Hidden Fees on All Types of Calling

Most broadband phone companies offer monthly service without contracts or activation fees. Because of this, there's no need to worry about hidden charges.

Many also provide unlimited calling within the United States and Canada. As for international phone calls, these plans charge cheap international calling rates of just a few cents per minute to call international destinations.

Easy Integration and Management

The majority of broadphone services are scalable, so that you can experiment with the number of phone lines or extensions you need for you residence or business. You can easily add or subtract these phone lines and extensions because you are charged for each individual one per month and there are no installation fees attached to them.

Broadband phone companies provide you with business VoIP services with hosted PBX systems or SIP trunk systems which make it easy for you to design a phone system that works just the way you want.

And residential VoIP with broadband phone companies is very cheap and easy to use. Prices for residential service start as low as $4.99/month.

One major perk of switching to a broadband phone company is that VoIP calling between two subscribers of the same broadband phone company are free. This is a cheap and convenient way to keep in touch with your friends and family around the world if they have the same broadband service as you.

Awesome VoIP Features

Broadband phone companies also include a number of calling features that could benefit your residence or business such as three way calling, conference calling, call waiting, and call forwarding. Many broadband phone companies also provide music on hold, find me follow me, which will forward your calls to another programmed phone number, and auto attendant, which automatically answers incoming calls and directs them to the correct department in your business.

Some broadband phone companies also offer add-ons for an extra fee. These add-ons may include services such as call recording, and call queuing, which places your incoming callers “in line” on hold until you are available to answer.

What kind of VoIP plans do broadband phone companies offer?

These broadband phone companies generally feature two kinds of VoIP service: residential and business.

Residential VoIP plans are ideal for home, home office, and small office settings, which tend to send and receive a small volume of phone calls and do not require extensive calling features. Additionally, residential VoIP plans are geared toward homes and small business that do not need numerous phone lines and extensions. Broadband phone companies such as ITP, Phone Power, and Phone.com all feature residential and small business plans.

Business VoIP plans on the other hand are focused on providing multiple phone lines and extensions, along with advanced calling features. These plans function in the same way as residential plans but just on a larger scale. Broadband phone companies focus on accommodating a high quantity of inbound and outbound calls for your business. Nextiva, RingCentral, and Vocalocity are each respectable broadband phone companies that offer affordable business plans.

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