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Local phone numbers from everywhere.

What you're buying with FlyNumber is essentially a plain, old "phone number"

This means we either provide a new local phone number or you port-in your current number

You can then take said "FlyNumber" and manage it a couple different ways

Forward to a regular phone number | Set to a SIP address | Set to our cloud PBX | or just "park the number" with us

Simple pricing - based on the phone number not "users" or "agents"

Use any device, software, VOIP solution or a regular phone number to receive calls

Unlimited incoming on all our phone numbers (excld. toll free) when set to VOIP/ SIP (ie. smartphone)

Forward calls to any regular phone number in the world for a per min rate

Buy multiple local phone numbers for your business | Manage the call flow with our cloud PBX grid

No contracts | No hidden fees | Cancel anytime

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