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Flowroute Reviews

As a provider of solutions for growing businesses, Flowroute aims to help service companies in the telecommunications market who are seeking a software company to take their cloud-based communications to the next level. Flowroute's standout products are Voice (carrier-grade SIP trunking) and SMS (mobile texting capabilities), both of which strive to help connect businesses with their customers in a reliable way.

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Editorial Review

Flowroute strives to deliver a reliable, scalable network to companies deploying communications in the cloud. Through their cloud-based products and solutions, Flowroute is helping businesses address everyday telecom challenges.

SIP Trunking

Flowroute has a secure, reliable SIP trunking solution with competitive pricing on phone numbers, inbound/outbound/toll-free calling, and messaging. Their voice services allow companies to have a flexible network of communication options.

Flowroute also offers developers access to their Numbers API in order to help them customize their calling solutions to meet their specific business needs.

Messaging (SMS)

Short Message Services (SMS) is a common, yet often underutilized channel that helps businesses reach out to customers in an unobtrusive way. Through Flowroute, businesses can get affordable messaging including toll-free and long code messaging. Flowroute also offers users APIs to integrate SMS capabilities into applications to offer an alternative communications channel.

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SIP Trunking for the masses

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Average: 5 (1 vote)

We have used Flowroute for several years. All along we have been highly
impressed with their call quality, customer support, and price. They have
scaled with us as our business has grown. We recently discovered their APIs
which has been a godsend for us – because we can now manage our phone
numbers in an automated fashion. Another important factor for us was to have
SMS. Flowroute’s Messaging API solved that gap for us – although you do
need to have some developer skills to implement.

Easy to use online portal, APIs, super helpful customer support, and the reliability far better than other providers I have worked with
I wish there was an interface to send/receive SMS


Seattle , WA
2007Year Founded
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Service Locations

  • USA & Canada
VoIP app

The Skinny

Flowroute's software product line is based in two main areas: Voice (SIP-based solutions) and SMS. 

For voice, Flowroute helps to effectively route inbound/origination and outbound/termination to make for clear, reliable, and high-quality connections.

In regards to SMS, Flowroute possesses carrier-grade SMS capabilities that allow for toll-free and long code messaging, number provision, and access to SMS records.

They also offer APIs to allow businesses to control and customize select parts of their business phone system. Through Flowroute's Numbers API, developers can build voice capabilities right into the cloud. It also lets developers acquire phone numbers, dynamically route calls, and achieve advanced call control. And with the Messaging API, developers can integrate text messaging capabilities into their communications system, too.

the rub

The Rub

When it comes to voice services and solutions, Flowroute offers carrier-grade SIP trunking for IP-PBX systems on top of their reliable network. Their solution ensures that customers always receive clear inbound and outbound calls. Their inbound SIP trunking/origination comes is served with unlimited concurrent call capacity, which is important for businesses that have high call volume. Additionally, their outbound SIP trunking/termination routes the audio over the shortest path, thus increasing call quality and lowering costs.

Plans and pricing are based on the number of phone numbers, inbound calling, outbound calling, and more that your business desires.

To boot, Flowroute offers businesses four number options: port an existing number, choose a unique vanity phone number, choose a toll-free number, or select a local number.

bottom line image

Bottom Line

Flowroute helps businesses achieve their goals through affordable SIP trunking solutions and messaging capabilities. SIP Trunking is sought after by most businesses because it offers a number of benefits: no upfront investment, savings on long distance communication, easy scalability, and more. Flowroute helps businesses reap all of these benefits and more through clear, affordable pricing in addition to customizable solutions.

Flowroute also offers growing businesses the option to utilize REST APIs in order to get direct access and control over certain aspects of their communications system. 

award image


Flowroute has received the following awards:

  • Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Award 2017
  • CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year Award 2016
  • Inc. Magazine's 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies 2013
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Our Two Cents

SIP Trunking is a cost-effective way for businesses to tackle phone communications, and Flowroute helps businesses reap communication cost savings through fairly priced inbound and outbound calling minutes in addition to affordable monthly pricing for phone numbers, toll-free messaging, long code messaging and more. For companies seeking a SIP solution for their IP PBX, Flowroute's clear, reliable, and high-quality voice connections can fit the bill. Plus, with a transparent number porting process for seamless customer onboarding and their Flowroute HyperNetwork that maximizes call quality with modern control, Flowroute is ahead of the game in addressing customer service and customer satisfaction.

Plan Info
Plan Name Unlimited Calling & Messaging
Plan Summary With Flowroute's unlimited calling and messaging plan, you have access to industry-leading reliability, redundancy and support. The best part is you only pay for what you use, and not a minute more.
Key Features
  • No Contracts
  • Unlimited Call Paths
  • Nationwide Service
  • Maximum Resiliency
Notes Contact their Sales Team to discuss discounts based on your call volumes. This Plan is available in the following countries :
  • United States
  • Plan Pricing & Services1
    Regular Price $0.00
    Promo Price $0.00
    Price Disclaimer Pay As You Go
    Setup Fees $0.00
    Activation Fees 40
    Number Porting Fee 7.50
    BYOD Yes
    Termination Fee $0.00
    Unlimited Minutes Yes
    Toll Free3 Yes
    Faxing No
    Toll Free
    Setup N/A
    Monthly N/A
    Included Min. N/A
    Add'l Min. Cost $0.02 /min.
    Number Availability & Details
    Area Code Selection
    Local Number Port
    Number Port
    Toll-Free Number
    Virtual Numbers
    Equipment Options
    Phone Credit
    IP Phone Included
    IP Phone For Sale
    ATA Included
    ATA For Sale
    Plan Minutes
    Local Min. Included
    Add'l Local Min. Cost N/A
    Long Distance
    Incl. Long Distance Min. N/A
    Add'l Long Distance Min. Cost N/A
    Plan Features3
    Admin Dashboard/Portal Yes
    Anonymous Call Rejection No
    Auto Attendant No
    Barge No
    Business SMS Yes
    Busy Lamp Field No
    Call Analytics No
    Call Announce No
    Call Continuity Yes
    Call Forwarding Yes
    Call Forwarding - Advanced Yes
    Call Hold No
    Call Logs/Reports Yes
    Call Me Now No
    Call Monitoring No
    Call Notifications No
    Call Park Yes
    Call Pass Yes
    Call Queuing No
    Call Recording No
    Call Return No
    Call Routing Yes
    Call Screening No
    Call Transfer No
    Call Waiting No
    Caller ID Yes
    Caller ID - Dynamic Yes
    Caller ID Block No
    Caller ID Control Yes
    Click-to-call Me No
    Click-to-dial No
    Conference Bridge No
    Conference Calling No
    Custom Greetings No
    Custom Tagging Yes
    Desktop Integration Client No
    Dial-by-Name Directory No
    Directory Assistance (411) No
    Do Not Disturb No
    E911 Yes
    Fax to Email Yes
    Find Me/Follow Me No
    Group Paging No
    HD Video Conferencing No
    HD Voice No
    Hunt Groups No
    Interactive Voice Response No
    Local Number Portability Yes
    Mobile App No
    Mobile/Desktop Sync No
    Music on Hold No
    Redial No
    Ring Groups No
    Selective Call Acceptance No
    Selective Call Rejection No
    Shared Call Appearance No
    Simultaneous Ring No
    Softphone No
    Speed Dial No
    Switchboard Software No
    Telephone Numbers (DIDs) Yes
    Third Party Softphones No
    Unified Inbox No
    User Portal No
    Video Conferencing No
    Virtual Extensions No
    Virtual Fax Yes
    Visual Voicemail No
    Voicemail No
    Voicemail to Email No
    Voicemail Transcription No
    Whisper No
    1Plan pricing displayed here has been sourced directly from the provider's website or via the provider's sales team. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Check provider's website for most current pricing.Plan pricing may differ based on the country for which you are requesting service.
    3The following plan features (offered by the provider) are either included in the plan, available for an additional fee, or unavailable. Check with provider for most current feature listing and any prices that may be incurred.

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