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Hosted Business PBX

Telecommunication in the professional world is changing at a rapid rate, and a hosted business PBX (public branch exchange) has become standard for any elite business.

It’s no longer economical or functional to have an in-house PBX platform.  Instead, a successful business should consider a hosted VoIP telecom service that can grow organically with their business. And a good hosted PBX for business is a crucial component of a good telecom system. If you have never considered implementing a hosted PBX for business solution in your office, you may not realize what a big difference a hosted PBX service can make for a business. Learn more about hosted PBX here.

A hosted business PBX is like a virtual receptionist, coordinating telephone operations for your business. In many ways, a business can only be as strong as their business telecom system. A hosted business PBX is a great way to take your business telecom system to the next level.

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Cost of a Hosted Business PBX

A hosted business PBX helps you save money for your business. If you are familiar with legacy PBXs (the old-fashioned hardware PBXs that many businesses still use), you may already know how much more expensive a legacy PBX can be.  

With a hosted business PBX, your company can save on average 40% to 50% on telecommunications resources.  On-site legacy hardware has an initial costs in the hundreds of thousands. Coupled with maintenance costs, the price of legacy PBX can be prohibitively high for some businesses.  

Jive, a business VoIP service provider, has released a price comparison that allows large organizations to compare the costs of legacy and hosted business PBXs. For an extremely large organization that may have thousands of users, like a government organization, Jive quotes a hosted business PBX at $13/user, and legacy at $34/user each month. However, this is for an extremely large system. For a smaller office that only needs a modest PBX, the difference between a hosted and legacy PBX can be astounding, and you could be looking at savings in thousands.

Using a hosted PBX allows your business to save money and use your funds in better ways.

With a hosted business PBX, you can control much of the functionality of your PBX system.  This means you don’t have to pay for services you do not need.  And when your business grows, you can add extra services, features, and extensions later as you need them.

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Hosted Business PBXs are User Friendly

Business VoIP service providers want you to have a good customer experience. So, many service providers give you lots of customer support and help in implementing your hosted business PBX solution. Setting up a VoIP system can be pretty intimidating for a new customer, but with extensive customer support, you should be fine.

And a hosted business PBX is easy to set up because you don’t have to worry about installing any hardware components or physical telephone lines. With most hosted PBXs, you download a control panel on your computer that allows you to control your whole PBX system: your extensions, your call logs, transfers, etc. This is an extremely easy approach to a business PBX service.

Plus, You Can Create a More Professional Image with a Hosted PBX for Business

A hosted business PBX will give your business a professional appearance, which in turn will improve customer experience.

With easy to navigate menu systems, the customer can quickly reach the right extension.  And hosted business PBXs include call transfer options, so even if a customer reaches the wrong extension, you can easily transfer them to the right number.

A hosted business PBX creates a powerful first impression that tells the client they are dealing with a high powered business.  

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Hosted Business PBX Security

Your VoIP service provider owns and maintains your hosted business PBX in their data center. Data centers are extremely secure and very well maintained by a professional IT staff. This means that you can rest assured that your PBX is in good hands, and that you won’t have to worry about downed servers and other complications that might disrupt your phone service.

This is especially useful for small business owners who cannot afford a full IT staff and data center.

A company’s information, and the security of that information is a major concern when using an outside source to manage the communication capacities for your business.  That is why companies such as Nextiva use embedded algorithms and security protocols as well as encryption tools when transferring data. Your business voice system will be extremely secure against all eavesdropping and other security breaches.

VoIP is an evolving technology and continues to grow...

With a hosted business PBX, you will always get the latest in software technology.  When new technology presents itself, your hosted PBX provider will automatically update the network with the latest features, such as:

  • Hunt groups: You can set up particular hunt groups so calls can reach a particular department (like sales, human resources, etc.)
  • Call recording: Allows you to record and playback calls on demand
  • Conference room function: Allows several participant to call into one extension and communicate using voice conference mixer
  • Fax to email: Workers can receive and review faxes on your desktop or where there is an internet connection

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