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Nextiva vs Talkatone

Compare Nextiva vs Talkatone. Find out whether Nextiva or Talkatone is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Nextiva and Talkatone and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below.

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Talkatone's Features 

Talkatone offer app users a local U.S. phone number and 60 free minutes of outbound calling to mobile devices and landlines within the U.S. and Canada per month.  If a user needs more minutes they can...

Provider Info

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  • Headquater Country: United States
  • Founder Year: 2011

Plans Available*

  • Nextiva Office Enterprise - $29.95
  • Nextiva Office Pro - $19.95
  • Nextiva Office Pro Plus - $22.95
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I used Nextiva for 2 years and they were great. Due to a move, I had to find a new provider. After a year, I couldn't wait to go back to Nextiva. Now after being back for a year, I feel like crying. This is NOT THE SAME COMPANY. My options keep dropping off, My service is spotty. Nothing works for more than a month and then when I have to call customer support AGAIN, I get Eastern Europe. The customer service reps follow a script and if you don't know the terminology, they get rude and act like you are stupid. REALLY? I am sick of dealing with this and can't wait for my current contract to end. I will be out of here.

Erin favero January 14th, 2019

Try another VOIP service. Do not waste your time with Nextiva. I subscribed to Nextiva VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol service as a way of creating an additional telephone and fax number for my business in October, 2016 when I started my accounting and tax practice. I was excited about the idea of having two different telephone numbers ring to my cell phone, my personal cell phone number and work number through the Nextiva App. In the beginning I was already having problems hearing people using the Nextiva App by itself. People were also having trouble hearing me. Voices would fade in and out in a tinny, electronic manner. I called Nextiva several times to get this resolved. Their level one and two technicians are a waste of everyone’s time and money. When I called into Nextiva customer service, I kept getting asked repeatedly for my PIN, name, and phone number. Often it was the same person asking me over and over again the same information that they were clearly not keeping track of. They also repeated apologies and ultimately did not know how to resolve a single problem I called in about. After a few months and persistence, I was able to get to a level 4 technician consistently, who helped me bypass the Nextiva App by piggy-backing on my cell phone number. I could then hear people better and the reception was better. A few months after that during this past tax season 2018, I started noticing I was missing calls. One of the customer relations managers at Nextiva, denied that there was a problem and denied me a one month credit that I asked for. Monthly fees were about $50/month. After several months of calling in about the same problem, I reached a customer service manager, who granted me a credit for one month in August, 2018 for September, 2018. I still had the same problem, then they said my router was no good for the Nextiva service. There was subsequent fooling around with Comcast who had to come out twice because I had asked according to Nextiva instructions for a stand-alone modem. After the second visit Comcast stated they no longer provide stand-alone modems, but can bridge the modem they provide. There was a lot of customer service manager turnover. The customer service manager changed to one who sent me a Netgear router for free to try. I still had the same problems, my phone would go straight to voicemail when people called. I told the manager I have had it, I have spent at least 100 hours with Nextiva Customer service. I then proceeded to look for another service and get my phone number and fax transferred to the new service. This is called porting the number, which takes a few weeks to complete. Upon being informed the service manager got mad and charged my business credit card on file without my authorization for $91.10 for a Netgear N300 Router retailing at $34.99. I was furious. I stuck to my plan and ported the numbers over to the new service and shipped the Netgear router back at my own expense via UPS 2 day costing $14.44. The porting got confirmed by the new VOIP service and the router return was confirmed by Nextiva who promptly credited the $91.10 back to my credit card. Save yourself some time and money in your VOIP search and do not go to Nextiva.

Alblum November 26th, 2018

I used the Talkatone app while overseas and it works well, similar to the magicJack app. Lets you make up to 60 minutes of free calls to US/Canada landlines per month. Nice while you are traveling.

logan May 16th, 2018
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