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ITP vs Aircall

Compare ITP vs Aircall. Find out whether ITP or Aircall is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of ITP and Aircall and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below.

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ITP provides  reliable residential VoIP solutions to customers seeking affordable plans. Offering feature-rich service plans with strong customer support, ITP has carved its name as one of the leading home VoIP providers. Individuals and families...

Call center software for customer-centric teams. Transform customers experiences with the IT-approved cloud call center solution for sales and support teams.

Provider Info

  • Website:
  • Headquarters Country: United States
  • Founder Year: 2007

Plans Available*

  • ITP Basic Residential Plan - $18.99
  • ITP Global Residential Plan - $48.99
  • ITP Home Office Plan - $49.99
  • ITP Premium Residential Plan - $8.32
  • N/A

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I'd like to start by saying that no one likes spam emails, or purchasing things online that may put you on the list for those spam emails and mailings. So I found a way to avoid that. Even with my credit cards purchases, I'm able to use an alias name that keeps my actual name private unless I wish to use it. My online purchases, continue to use that name, but unfortunately I used that name to sign up for my home phone service with ITP. I've asked for my refund I've already paid out for their hardware which is $100. They have sent me a refund check using my alias. But even though my bank is familiar with that name, and I have many transactions under that name, they deny my plea to deposit that check my account. So after many many many calls to ITP, they understand that I didn't use my real name signing up, so they denied re-issuing a new check in my actual name. So to negotiate with them I said, "well you can always cancel check in the alias name and reissue it in my actual name". But they won't meet me halfway on this. I said well if you won't send me the refund check after canceling the one you sent me already in my Internet name, just send me back the Modem. It seems to be too reasonable for them. No matter how many times I call. So that's why I'm on this platform to make some kind of an impact against this cheap company. Cheap in so many ways can make an impact. Little under a year already, I've been paying for that cheap phone service from ITP. I didn't expect much from this cheap service, but just little things like voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and being able to press, the flash button to transfer to my next phone line and see who's calling. All of those features were deficient in what you could expect in a cheap phone company. After many calls I moved my complaints to this forum. So I asked them to refund the money I paid or my 'paid in full modem instead, that's fair! They are not! That's the Truth...

Richard Haman May 28th, 2021

You would assume what you read in the advertisement would be accurate and the pricing would be what the tell you it will be. What they don't say is that you cant get a hold of them, and they will not call back, and most of all there is no way to cancel without talking to someone - which is imposible because no one calls back or answers the phone. Short of stealing or robbery - which is illegal - this company is not the one you want to start a business relationship with. Listen to me ==== Realize this process is for you to see, hear and be witness to the lack of integrity and the natural way the ITP VOIP firm will in fact take your money, steal from your account and not even respond to your calls. But wait here is the reason why you can't do business with this firm: THE ARE NOT LISTED ANYWHERE. They are based in New York with no address, no way to speak to a supervisor, no one calls back. You can't cancel unless you close your bank account. And then they want to you send back the equipment you paid for and they will charge your credit card if you don't send it back by a certain date. These are not serious folks my friend. They kept on charging me for 5 months until I got a hold of a supervisor after Verizon requested with me on the phone to cancel the account. Five months later ITP was still charging my account. When I finally got a hold of a live person they never refunded my account. DON'T USE ITP VoIP for any type of business they are not a real company. Don't take a chance. There is no positive experience on the internet about this firm that is real. NONE. Don't use ITP Vo IP

Charlie Serrano January 23rd, 2017
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