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VoipReview gives you all the resources you need to make the best business VoIP decision. Whether you use our compare tables (like the one featured below) or use our custom VoIP savings tool, you will find everything you need here on our site. Compare providers across price, plans, features, and more, all on VoipReview.org.

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Business VoIP Compare

Let VoipReview help you choose the right provider

You came to the right place. Compare business VoIP providers and consider these four questions when selecting your business VoIP phone system:

  • What do I use my current business phone system for?
  • How often do I use my current business phone system?
  • How many employees will need to use VoIP at my business?
  • Does your business already have a business telephone system?

When looking for a Business VoIP provider that can best fit your businesses needs, consider the following questions:

  • What do I use my current business phone system for?
  • How often do I use my current business phone system?
  • How many employees will need to use VoIP at my business?
  • Does your business already have a business telephone system?

Business VoIP provider plans have steadily increased in number and in features offered over the past few years, while prices have dropped. Steady competition in the business VoIP market has made it much easier for new and existing customers to get the features and treatment that larger businesses have enjoyed with business telephone systems.

Using this is a great way to compare prices and features.

using VoIP to call via a computer

What do I use my current business phone system for?

Ask yourself a few questions about your phone system needs

Shopping for business VoIP and VoIP business phone systems is just like shopping for anything else for your business: you need to know what can it do for you.

For instance, do you have a lot of employees that travel? Or how about employees located in remote offices? A simple connection service, like one provided by Jive, makes it easy for your employees to travel and still receive their calls. Plus, a majority of business VoIP providers now offer mobile apps for both iOS and Android. This way, your employees can always be connected, even on the go.

Do you have multiple offices? Hosted PBX might be the best choice for a VoIP business system since the entire system will be maintained and controlled by the business VoIP phone service provider. It is also a good option if you do not want to host your own equipment or do not want to hire an on-site technician.

office phone used for business VoIP

How often do I use my current business phone system?

Figure out the right calling plan for you

Business VoIP will save money for businesses that receive a lot of calls but don’t make a lot of outbound calls. Many VoIP plans offer unlimited inbound calls and pooled minutes between phones for outbound calls.

Business VoIP will also save money for businesses that don’t make many calls; business VoIP providers offer powerful features with all their plans, not just the premium ones. Furthermore, Business VoIP providers will offer limited minute pools a month and reasonable overage charges if your business exceeds that monthly limit.

Business broadband phoning will also save money for those who call frequently both in and out: VoIP service is usually significantly cheaper than the service provided by typical phone companies. Use the rates below for a comparison, if you don't believe us.

business VoIP network

How many employees will need to use VoIP at my business?

Calculate how many users are on the phone at once

Will you need business VoIP service for fewer than a dozen employees? Or does your business have more than 20 employees?

Many business VoIP providers will charge you for service per user, specifically with hosted VoIP plans.

Whether you have business VoIP phones can also impact costs. Some business VoIP providers will offer free ATA adapters to make your regular phones compatible with VoIP service, and softphone applications for PC and laptops also let you get VoIP service. Others offer free business VoIP phones.

For a smaller business, it is wise to consider whether you need the hardware or are happy with phone applications on the computer: softphones will save money. Some business VoIP providers offer free softphone downloads with their plans as well.

using an IP phone to make a call

Does your business already have a business telephone system?

If you do, VoIP is still a very viable option

Larger businesses which have business phone systems already in place will typically save money on their business VoIP plans.

If you already have the system in place, you just need cheaper phone service: business VoIP can give you that. Check out SIP trunking plans to see the kind of deals you can get with your business phone system already in place.

If your business is small or does not have a business telephone system in place (or both), consider a hosted VoIP plan. You won’t pay the steep initial costs you might if you were setting up a phone system on your own.

A rule of thumb:

If your business is larger than 20 people, consider investing in your own business phone telephone system. If it’s smaller than 20 people, hosted VoIP may be the best choice. Make sure you review your options with a VoIP provider before you buy.

monthly billing calendar

Business VoIP Provider Information is Available Here at VoipReview.org

Let VoipReview guide you in your decision process

With those questions in mind, find out which business VoIP provider is right for you. All of your Business VoIP information is available on our site, and aims to make your VoIP buying experience a breeze. On our site, you can read up on VoIP news, explore VoIP provider plans, and find out which features are available to you through featured providers.

We are confident that you will find a phone service plan that works well for your business by using our site tools and VoIP savings tool in addition to user-submitted reviews and compare tables.

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New to VoIP? You'll want to check out our VoIP 101 section. Or reference our helpful FAQ section for any additional questions you might have.

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