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Bulk SMS

Wholesale SMS, also known as bulk messaging, is a rapidly growing method of communication and marketing. It provides a mechanism for businesses and other entities to reach their customers in a personal, unobtrusive and cost-effective manner. SMS is a technology available on every cell phone and does not require any further training for end-users. Its universal adoption makes it ideal for use in industries ranging from fast food to healthcare. Using Bulk SMS is preferred by businesses over email, phoning, and fax for a number of reasons. Find out more about Bulk SMS below. 

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How does Wholesale SMS work?

Bulk SMS is an easy way to reach multiple users at once

Wholesale SMS requires use of specialized software that sends messages to provided phone numbers. Depending on the type of software, the input can be provided by uploading within another desktop application or on the software vendor's website. Most software is capable of sending messages internationally as well as scheduling messages in advance. Some systems are even capable of removing duplicate entries, and others can also validate a mobile number before a message is sent. The message will be sent out to each phone number exactly like any other SMS; however, it will include a sender ID by default so that the recipient knows where the message originated. As an added bonus, the recipient is capable of sending responses to the system.

Using Bulk SMS is one of the easiest ways to reach many users at once. Furthermore, it is less expensive than voicemail and more effective than an email. This is because it is much easier to send one message to multiple users as opposed to placing actual voice calls.

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What are the advantages of Wholesale SMS?

Get the message out with Bulk SMS

Wholesale SMS is a unique platform that takes the best of old and new technologies to maximize brand recognition and loyalty. Previous iterations of auto-call technology were bland pre-recorded voice messages that often dialed all day to get information out to customers. On the flipside, wholesale SMS sends out all the messages instantaneously.

In the past, the auto-call systems were able to send out information to a large group but were generally disliked by recipients because they created an unwanted intrusion for customers. Therefore, many times these automated calls would go unheeded, or possibly led to customers viewing the business in an unfavorable light.

In contrast, bulk SMS provides a less-intrusive alternative to the auto-call system. It gives the same benefit of reaching the customer's phone, yet allowing the customer to check the message at their leisure. A similar service can be provided through email or other social media outlets. However, these methods are not able to contact the customer in as personal of a manner. As unlimited SMS becomes the standard and mobile data remains pay-per-use, customers will expect businesses to provide up-to-date information and loyalty discounts on the SMS platform. Wholesale SMS allows businesses to connect with their customers instantly and efficiently unlike any other communication platform.

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Examples of Implementing Wholesale SMS Marketing

Here's how Wholesale SMS Marketing works in the real world

Business - Wholesale SMS marketing is used in many different markets to improve sales. In the United States, bulk SMS is used by many fast food chain restaurants to provide discounts and flash sales for loyal customers who have signed up to receive messages. These messages are often scheduled to be sent out around commuter and lunch times in order to increase the likelihood of customers stopping to buy a meal. This method is also used by movie rental vendors, who provide individual discount codes to customers via SMS. Redemption of these codes at video rental kiosks provides the vendor with sales and valuable marketing information.

Government - The same system can be also implemented by townships and localities for emergency preparation and disaster relief. In many disasters, traditional communication is near-impossible, but cell phones are often still working. Auto-calling thousands of people is a slow process, but bulk SMS can be sent out instantly. This technology has been vital in many recovery efforts over the past decade. Just think about the number of flash-flood warnings or Amber Alerts you have received on your phone.

Healthcare - Recently, the Wholesale SMS system has been adopted by healthcare organizations, ranging from primary care doctors to regional health systems, in order to provide a means for faster communications among healthcare professionals and patients. Many pharmacies now include an option in which patients can be alerted by SMS when their medication is ready for pick up. This ensures that patients can begin therapy without delay. Since the SMS only goes to the provided phone number, the risk of exposing patient's private health information to others is greatly reduced.

Bulk SMS' ease of use, instant and effective reach, and low cost gives it considerable advantages over other communication systems. Adoption of this technology into new businesses can create a powerful competitive advantage at very little financial risk.

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