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StartLogic is the logical way to start a web site because of their cheap web hosting solutions, easy-to-use tools and knowledgable customer support team.

PersonalLogic is a cheap and easy way to start a personal web site. It costs only $3.95 a month with a two-year plan. This, however, does not include a domain. Domains can be purchased for a low annual rate of $10.95. The ProLogic plan is for small business to medium sized business web sites and supports shopping carts and e-commerce tools. It also provides unlimited storage and bandwidth. For a two year plan, ProLogic costs only $5.95/month. They offer a separate web hosting plan for Windows called WindowsLogic. It offers 1,000GB bandwidth, 100GB disk space, unlimited email, and a free domain. StartLogic also offers VPS hosting for about 29.95/month. This includes a 200GB storage and 1,000GB bandwidth. Domains are sold separately for $9.95/year. 

For those who are both trying to save and not really sure about how to put up a website, StartLogic is the perfect web hosting choice. They offer cheap rates, even for their web design and marketing services. You can avail of a free consultation and a 30 day money back guarantee.

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I am always doubtful about the cost-effectiveness factor.  Large web space and bandwidth offered plus all those extra features for an immensely low price, usually termed as the cost effectiveness.  It often seems too lucrative but far from the truth, and quality is not the factor on which anyone can compromise.  That's why I purchased a package with StartLogic- not the cheapest one, but providing all necessary features to support my launching online business.  Secondly, because they offer scalable packages, I can always up-grade to other features for future requirements or as per the need arises.  That is real cost-effectiveness as per my dictionary. 
WELL DONE StartLogic!  Keep it up!

Startlogic offers scalable packages like no others I have found.
Startlogic is not the cheapest yet definitely worth it.


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