VoIP Providers in San Antonio

There are many VoIP providers in San Antonio, Texas with reliable, cost-effective, and user-friendly phone systems for both residents and businesses. In addition, San Antonio VoIP phone systems—which lower business costs and increases productivity—can let smaller businesses compete on the same playing field with larger companies.

There are many factors in choosing from the various San Antonio VoIP providers , so you will need to assess your current business and phone service needs. For example, you will need to consider how many phone lines you need and which advanced features you want.


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San Antonio VoIP providers: Advantages and Disadvantages

VoIP service providers are significantly less expensive than traditional San Antonio business phone services, as there are low-rate international calls and no long-distance charges.

On the other hand, most providers have a separate 911 emergency service feature. If you dial 911, you will have to pinpoint your location for a dispatcher to send emergency services. In addition, this feature does not work when there is no Internet connection.

Furthermore, call quality is based on the speed of your Internet connection. If you have a Internet connection with a low-to-medium speed, then the sound quality is lower. The suggested minimum high speed Internet connection is 90 kilobits per second, which means you cannot have dial-up Internet.

Are VoIP providers in San Antonio Right for You?

If you're having a hard time selecting one of the many San Antonio VoIP providers, figure out which type of San Antonio VoIP phone system is right for you.

basic, shared San Antonio VoIP phone system is a good solution for your residence or a small business phone system if you need:

  • Fewer than 3 local phone lines
  • Fewer than 1500 minutes of long distance calls per month
  • Only one location

hosted San Antonio VoIP phone system is right for you if you want:

  • Multiple offices
  • New telephone equipment
  • One bill for all telecom services
  • Frequent calls between business or virtual locations
  • At least 5000 minutes of long distance calls every month

An integrated San Antonio VoIP phone system is good for businesses with:

  • Multiple offices in just one or two regions
  • Current telephone system with no desire to upgrade
  • At least 5 business phone lines
  • At least 5000 minutes of long distance calls a month
  • Desire to reduce telecommunication expenses by 10 to 30%
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Examples of VoIP Providers in San Antonio

Here are some San Antonio VoIP Providers:

Alpha Net Communications provides a variety of San Antonio business phone systems services, such as:

  • Avaya VoIP phone systems
  • Video conferencing (IP PBX)
  • Wireless mobile IP phones

The Avaya IP Office is a phone communication system made for small businesses, which have basic telephony needs, built-in convergence capabilities, and user-friendly management systems.

The phone control unit is called Avaya IP500 V2, which has 210/100 switched ethernet ports, 30 voicemail pro ports, 48 data channels and audio input for music on hold.

Tech Sage Solutions is a VoIP provider in San Antonio that serves small businesses. This company installs and maintains integrated VoIP phone systems.

Innovative Communication Systems is a business VoIP provider in San Antonio. This company offers VoIP phone solutions, unified communications systems, and a variety of other telecommunication systems.

Telesource Installers is a VoIP provider in San Antonio that specializes in telecommunication solutions for small and medium sized businesses throughout Central and South Texas. Telesource Installers provide wiring services for voice and data cable, as well as individual products or a turnkey solution.

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