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TrustFax has several plans to fit different volume needs. From individuals to home offices, small businesses to large companies, TrustFax has an online fax service for everyone. Plans start at only $5/month for individuals and can be customized for the business plans. The TrustFax Pro User is for small businesses that send between 50-140 faxes per month. The TrustFax Premium is for larger businesses that send about 150-240 faxes per month. The TrustFax Business Flex Plan and Business Share Plan are for those who require greater volume or have more users. Whichever plan you choose, TrustFax lets you easily adjust your account.

TrustFax comes with all the convenience, ease and savings of other online faxing solutions. Security is guaranteed by Comodo, TrustFax's parent company.

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TrustFax: Customer Service Does Not Exist

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I went and registered here just to write this review. You have been wanred.

easy to use.
Customer service do not exists. If they have problems- they will never admit and give you a ride around - anything from "account verification" to other excuses. As of today 1/30/2012 trust fax still down with "Login not recognized. Try again." for all their users. 5 days now. Still not sure? call them, and dont press 1 for sales, try any other department - see what happens.


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