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For competitive rates, Phone Power serves every one, from a single-line residential customer to a corporate call center, and everyone in between. They also provider International calling plans that allow for unlimited calling to a specific number of countries (depending on the plan you select). Phone Power also provides helpful online quick links and e-guides to their customers seeking support, as well as support chat, email, and telephone number. They are even available for a select number of weekend hours!

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Editorial Review

Phone Power is a California-based VoIP company that delivers residential VoIP phone solutions throughout the US and Canada. Founded in 2005, Phone Power has a growing subscriber base and has earned a number of industry awards. In fact,the company was ranked the 30th Fastest Growing Company by Inc. 500, made the Top 22 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, and was also recognized as Editor’s Choice by

Unlimited Calling

Phone Power’s home phone service plans offer unlimited calling to anywhere in the US and Canada, along with 60 minutes of free international calling to over 75 countries worldwide. Customers can choose from three different plans and payment terms: a 12-month contract term that starts at $9.95/month, a month to month subscription without a contract or prepay which begins at $19.95 per Month, and a 12-month prepaid plan that comes at the lowest monthly price of $8.33.

Powerful Phone Features

Aside from unlimited calling, each plan from Phone Power also includes over 45+ phone features (such as Mobile Phone App, Voicemail-to-Email, and Call Waiting Caller ID), a free second line and softphone, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Good customer service. Router shipped out same day as ordered service.



Phone Power

Winnetka , CA
United States
2005Year Founded
161User Reviews

Overall Rating


Service Locations

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Puerto Rico
VoIP app

The Skinny

Phone Power offers residential and international plans on top of VoIP hardware installation guides in order to meet all of your calling needs. Their home phone service is the same plan with three different pricing tiers, and offers you nearly unlimited calling throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. You can even keep your current phone number with Phone Power's residential calling plan! Phone Power also has three International plans available, and depending on how many countries you call determines what plan is right for you.

If you aren't satisfied with their service, Phone Power offers its customers a 30 Day money back guarantee.

the rub

The Rub

For home phone service, Phone Power provides consumers with the USA/Canada Unlimited Calling plan. If you are willing to sign a long-term contract, Phone Power can guarantee lower monthly rates. Then again, their monthly package isn’t exorbitant, either, so you can't go wrong with affordable phone service whether or not you want to sign a contract with Phone Power.

Each unlimited plan, regardless of the term (1 year prepay, 1 year contract, or monthly) will get you virtually unlimited calling. You can make and receive inbound calls without a limit, and are granted 60 minutes a month of international calling. Plus, with their USA/Canada Unlimited Calling plan, Phone Power provides a mobile phone app, free activation, and a free cloned second line. 

bottom line image

Bottom Line

If you know that you need a dependable VoIP phone service that will help you save money, opt for the 1-year prepay to save the most money. However, be sure to consult Phone Power's website As a trustworthy and reputable residential VoIP provider for ten years, they can provide you the phone service and customer support that you require to stay connected. Plus, their support team is 100% US-based, and their website offers e-guides as well as tech support chat.

While the monthly rate is entirely affordable and much less than a traditional phone provider, taxes, fees, shipping, and handling still apply to your order. 

award image


Phone Power has received the following awards:

  • Gold Award Top Ten Reviews 2013
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 500 2012
  • Inc. 500's 30th Fastest Growing Private Company in America
  • Editor's Choice Voip Review
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Our Two Cents

Phone Power makes it easy to have an affordable residential VoIP phone system. They offer three differnet payment options in their USA/Canada plans: a Monthly Average (as a 1-year prepay), a 12-Month Term, and a No Contract option. This makes it easy for users to choose a term that they are most comfortable with. Even still, Phone Power offers a 30-Day money back guarantee to its customers. These calling plans also offer customers the option to keep their current number for free, when other providers do so for a charge.

Phone Power's residential VoIP plans also have a mobile phone app, faxing capabilities, and free activation on top of many calling features. Your calling plan also comes with an allotted number of internationl minutes per month for calling to select countries. One thing unique to Phone Power is that they give you a free second cloned line with your service, which allows you to make or receive calls using the same phone number. 

Plan Info
Plan Name Home Phone USA/Canada Plan
Plan Summary With Phone Power for your home phone, you get to keep your existing number, have unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, access to a mobile phone app, free activation, and a free cloned second line. All for a low monthly cost and a 30-Day money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied!
Key Features
  • Unlim. Calls US & Canada
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Mobile Phone App
  • Free Activation
Notes Prepay for one year of service and get the lowest monthly cost. This Plan is available in the following countries :
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Plan Pricing & Services1
    Regular Price $8.33
    Promo Price N/A
    Price Disclaimer $8.33 is monthly average with 1-year prepay
    Setup Fees Free
    Activation Fees Free
    Number Porting Fee Free
    BYOD Yes
    Termination Fee Free
    Unlimited Minutes Yes
    Toll Free3 Yes
    Plan Pricing Tiers2
    Annual Contract Paid Monthly
    (per user)
    • 1-year contract : $9.95 / mo.
    Month to Month
    (per user)
    • No contract : $19.95 / mo.
    Annual Contract Prepay
    (per user)
    • 1-year prepay : $5.99 / mo.
    Toll Free
    Setup $0.00
    Monthly $5.00 /mo.
    Included Min. N/A
    Add'l Min. Cost $0.04 /min.
    Setup N/A
    Monthly Included
    Included Pages N/A
    Add'l Pages Cost N/A
    Number Availability & Details
    Area Code Selection
    Local Number Port
    Number Port
    Toll-Free Number
    Virtual Numbers
    Equipment Options
    Phone Credit
    IP Phone Included
    IP Phone For Sale
    ATA Included
    ATA For Sale
    Plan Minutes
    Local Min. Included
    Add'l Local Min. Cost N/A
    Long Distance Unlimited
    Incl. Long Distance Min. N/A
    Add'l Long Distance Min. Cost N/A
    Plan Features3
    Admin Dashboard/Portal Yes
    Anonymous Call Rejection Yes
    Auto Attendant No
    Barge No
    Business SMS No
    Busy Lamp Field No
    Call Analytics No
    Call Announce No
    Call Continuity No
    Call Forwarding Yes
    Call Forwarding - Advanced No
    Call Hold Yes
    Call Logs/Reports Yes
    Call Me Now No
    Call Monitoring No
    Call Notifications Yes
    Call Park No
    Call Pass No
    Call Queuing No
    Call Recording No
    Call Return Yes
    Call Routing Yes
    Call Screening No
    Call Transfer No
    Call Waiting Yes
    Caller ID Yes
    Caller ID - Dynamic Yes
    Caller ID Block Yes
    Caller ID Control Yes
    Click-to-call Me No
    Click-to-dial Yes
    Conference Bridge No
    Conference Calling Yes
    Custom Greetings Yes
    Custom Tagging No
    Desktop Integration Client No
    Dial-by-Name Directory Yes
    Directory Assistance (411) Yes
    Do Not Disturb Yes
    E911 Yes
    Fax to Email No
    Find Me/Follow Me No
    Group Paging No
    HD Video Conferencing No
    HD Voice No
    Hunt Groups No
    Interactive Voice Response No
    Local Number Portability No
    Mobile App Yes
    Mobile/Desktop Sync No
    Music on Hold No
    Redial No
    Ring Groups No
    Selective Call Acceptance Yes
    Selective Call Rejection Yes
    Shared Call Appearance No
    Simultaneous Ring Yes
    Softphone Yes
    Speed Dial Yes
    Switchboard Software No
    Telephone Numbers (DIDs) No
    Third Party Softphones No
    Unified Inbox No
    User Portal Yes
    Video Conferencing No
    Virtual Extensions No
    Virtual Fax No
    Visual Voicemail No
    Voicemail Yes
    Voicemail to Email Yes
    Voicemail Transcription No
    Whisper No
    1Plan pricing displayed here has been sourced directly from the provider's website or via the provider's sales team. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Check provider's website for most current pricing.Plan pricing may differ based on the country for which you are requesting service.
    2To determine the number of users for your VoIP phone system, count the number of devices you need, including desk phones, softphones, conference phones, and fax machines.
    3The following plan features (offered by the provider) are either included in the plan, available for an additional fee, or unavailable. Check with provider for most current feature listing and any prices that may be incurred.

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