Virtual Extensions

Virtual extensions (often referred as virtual numbers) are one of the bigger advantages that a business VoIP system offers its users. Instead of having a physical phone and/or location, a virtual extension forwards to another existing phone number. However, a virtual extension has its own voicemail. In this way, it is very similar to the Find Me/Follow Me feature that most VoIP providers include with their service. 

Another big benefit of having a virtual extension is that it helps to establish a local presence and keeps callers from paying expensive long distance or international fees. Most virtual numbers allow you to select your own area code In this way, callers wouldn't succumb to paying long distance or international charges to call you because they are dialing a number that is local for them.

They are offered through VoIP providers as great options for businesses that have remote employees, want greater visibility, need a more direct call routing system, and more. Find out what your business can do with a virtual extension!



A big advantage of having a virtual extension is that you don't need to purchase or buy extra lines. Virtual extensions are perfect for small and medium businesses that have employees that work remotely, yet still want to be part of the business' phone system...and are less costly, too!

VoIP phone as a remote worker would use it

Work from anywhere

Work remotely and stay part of the same phone system

One of the biggest advantages of using a virtual extension is that employees can work from any location, yet still stay part of the same phone system. This means that a user can take advantage of all of the calling features that a specific VoIP service offers like voicemail, custom greetings, etc. through the use of a softphone on a mobile device. However, you should be aware that most virtual extensions only offer free inbound calling, unlike regular extensions that can offer unlimited inbound and outbound calling. 

Also, having virtual extensions as part of your company helps to keep everyone within the same system, regardless of their location. This is helpful for employees who have home offices or are constantly on the go. Also, it keeps employees for having to use the same voicemail box or the same phone number for both their professional and personal lives. With a virtual extension, employees can receive work-related calls on their mobile devices, even though they are being called on a separate number.

When it comes down to it, virtual extensions are a cheaper way to expand your business phone system, regardless of your employees location. Virtual extensions are priced at a low-cost, per month rate, and can easily be added to your existing PBX at will. Also, because a virtual extension is not tied directly to a physical phone, there is less hardware and maintenance on your end, saving you more money on your phone system. On top of this, virtual extensions help save without expensive tie line or complex system configuration and management needed.

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