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Choosing the best hosted VoIP can be easy, but only if you know what you're looking for when comparing the leading VoIP service providers. Small businesses and medium-sized businesses that want to cut costs but keep a full-featured VoIP phone system will benefit from a hosted VoIP or virtual PBX system. Hosted VoIP (also referenced as a hosted VoIP PBX), is a VoIP phone system that is hosted and maintained by the VoIP provider. This means that a VoIP customer does not have to worry about maintenance or hardware costs, or even about staffing a full IT team to upgrade or maintain the system. The best hosted business VoIP provider takes care of everything: from maintenance to adding features and to ensuring security, these providers handle your communications for a low, flat-rate, often charged at a per user per month cost.

The major benefits of a hosted VoIP system for your company are:

  • Cost savings - Low long distance and international calling rates and low monthly fees, plus no maintenance costs or capital costs for IP PBX phone system with the best hosted VoIP. Some providers even offer Pay As You Go (PAYG) or metered rates.
  • Calling features - Features like voicemail and three-way calling are often standard. The best hosted VoIP companies provide a robust phone system that is rich in productivity-enhancing and call management features.
  • Customer support - No need for extra personnel to handle the VoIP phone system. The VoIP provider will do everything for you through their customer support teams. Some providers also offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
  • Flexibility - Add or remove users easily and configure your auto attendant or features with ease. Providers offer their users access to customization options and privileges through the admin panel, allowing users to alter certain aspects of the system to meet their needs. Plus, through the flexible options of a hosted VoIP system, your business phone system can grow as your business grows. You can even use your existing phones with VoIP providers that offer BYOD.
  • Ease of use - The best hosted VoIP providers include a web-based administrative and user panel or dashboard that lets users manage their calls, features, and more. And setting up this VoIP phone system is usually just as easy as plugging it in, often referenced as 'plug-and-play'.

The comparison table below shows some of the best hosted VoIP providers and plan highlights for each:

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