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Transitioning to the Cloud

If your business has yet to switch to the cloud, you are missing out on a lot of benefits that come with affordable cloud technology. The flexibility, mobility, and real-time access to information are only a few of the advantages of choosing a cloud communications solution.

Moving to the cloud may initially seem like a daunting task. New technology and the learning curve associated with it can seem like a steep hill to climb. But rest assured, VoipReview.org has outlined a number of tasks and steps to take in order to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

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Migrating Your Business to the Cloud

Moving your business to a cloud solution involves a number of careful considerations.

Most businesses who are switching over to a cloud or hosted solution are coming from a Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) and are accustomed to hard-wired telephones, copper lines, limited mobility, and outdated equipment. So making the move to the cloud is a big endeavor. Here are a number of considerations businesses should be aware of before deciding to make the switch:

  • Number porting - check with your cloud service provider to ensure your existing phone number is portable. Most providers also offer the option to select a new phone number as well as virtual numbers, vanity numbers, or toll-free numbers.
  • Sufficient bandwidth - because your phone service will now be hosted in the cloud, your business will need to have ample bandwidth to support your cloud activities. It is important to run a speed test and calculate how many users will be on the system to ensure your current infrastructure can handle the load.
  • Security measures - while hosted and cloud service providers offer data backup and encryption methods, you should ensure that you also have some security measures in place. Help protect your network through the use of firewalls, antimalware, intrusion prevention systems (IPSs), and regular security updates. You can also implement authorization policies and securely configure VoIP applications to prevent any misuse.

What Should I Look for in a Cloud Solution?

Your business communication needs will determine what you need from a cloud solution.

Here are the key factors to shop for in a cloud solution:

  1. Mobility - mobile applications for tablets and smartphone devices are crucial for employees who are on the go or working remotely. Ensure that your users have easy access to and can use their mobile applications with ease.
  2. Third-party integrations - if your company will be utilizing a Unified Communications (UC) solution, you'll want to be sure that it offers integration with all of the third-party software and applications that help your business thrive. Popular integrations include Salesforce, Outlook, Zendesk, Box, and more.
  3. Usability - the customer experience is often placed at the forefront of most business models. However, it is important to remember that how your employees use and interact with your UC solution is just as crucial. Be sure your staff has all the necessary training and additional resources they need to make the most out of your new UC solution. Also, as a business, utilizing a single cloud service and UC solution can help eliminate communication silos (the use of unauthorized third third-party applications) within your business.
  4. Features - instead of settling with the provider with the most features in their feature set, you should determine what features are critical in helping your employees to succeed. Key features to look for in a cloud voice solution include cloud backup/storage, mobile applications, business continuity (failsafe options and provider uptime), and more. Key features to seek in a team collaboration solution include presence, chat, video, screen share, and others.
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