Wholesale VoIP

Find and compare carrier-class wholesale VoIP solutions to meet the demanding needs of today’s telecommunications customers. Whether you're a reseller or service provider, Voipreview’s network of wholesale partners offers solutions to increase profit margins helping to compete with the larger service providers.

Access companies offering complete turn-key wholesale VoIP solutions or easily compare individual services tailored to meet specific business needs. Find cost effective solutions on origination, termination, DID’s, collocation, fax and emergency services and much more.

See below for a list of wholesale VoIP providers and the services they offer.


Origination is simply the collection of an initiated call to be handed off to an exchange or VoIP endpoint for completion. Our carriers provide large national footprints in North America for origination along with access to local DID and toll free origination ...

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Termination makes it possible for calls placed using VoIP to be handed off and routed to destinations all over the US and Canada. Calls must originate on an IP-enabled device such as telephone adapter, IP PBX, interface box or similar devices ...

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Toll Free

Our Toll free section allows you to browse through leading VoIP providers offering affordable VoIP toll free numbers for your business. Get an 800, 888, 877, or 866 number and increase productivity without breaking the bank. Toll free numbers are increasing in ...

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International A-Z

Find low-cost termination routes worldwide from carriers offering wholesale International A-Z. Our comparison section lists companies providing International A-Z termination to thousands of destinations around the world ...

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Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet is a metropolitan access network used to connect businesses to a Wide Area Network, such as the Internet. Ethernet provides cost-effective bandwidth of 5 Mbps to 10-Gig solutions for fast, reliable connectivity without the need ...

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FCC E-911 Compliant

All VoIP providers are required by law to remain in compliance with the FCC’s E911 VoIP Order to transmit all 911 calls to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). We list wholesale companies offering reliable E911 compliant service ...

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Virtual fax solutions will give your customers the reliable faxing capabilities needed for their business and home office. Carriers offering feature-rich fax services including fax to email and “always online” mobile services that allow customers to send ...

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A wholesale Application Programming Interface is a set of defined functions, methods or procedures that allows you to build private branded VoIP services. Using a VoIP API your web 2.0 application can dynamically interact with a VoIP platform's ...

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VoIP Hosting and Colocation

Reduce overhead costs using VoIP Colocation and Hosting services through a wholesale carrier. Avoid the hassles of a phone room filled with expensive equipment that requires additional office space and personnel to manage. Save dramatically on power usage ...

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Calling Card

Calling Card - A wholesale calling card platform allows you to sell private branded or white-label calling card services to your own customers...

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For more information about wholesale VoIP solutions, please visit globalwholesaletelecom.com, one of our knowledgeable partners in VoIP.