Call Center Software

Call center software is a crucial component of a company to track and manage a large volume of calls. This type of software provides many functions—such as quality monitoring, call recording and agent scripting—to support a call center, which administers incoming calls and makes outgoing calls in a customer service setting.

Call center software is conventionally housed in data centers and distributed over office networks, but it can also be delivered through a cloud-computing model.

The cloud allows centralized management of various resources, such as customers, agents, networks and telephony switches. It is a cost-effective call center solution without large investments in software or equipment.

Benefits of Call Center Software

Compared to traditional call centers, call center IP programs have a variety of benefits:

  • No need to purchase or maintain hardware
  • No large costs or maintenance fees
  • Reliable security and confidentiality
  • Multiple sites can operate as a virtual call center with at-home agents

Types and Features of Call Center Software

Whether a call center is inbound, outbound or blended, there are available programs to productively run operations while lowering costs.

Call Center Software Types

  • Auto dialer
  • Automatic call distributor (ACD)
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Predictive dialer
  • Workforce management

For an inbound call center system, there are user-friendly interactive voice response and automatic call distributor systems. IVR lets customers interact with a company’s phone system by using a phone keypad or speech recognition.

On the other hand, ACD is a phone system that distributes incoming calls. These features not only provide quality customer care, but also lower operational costs as well.

For an outbound call center system, there is a predictive dialer feature to keep employees productive and increase sales revenue. This function is a computerized system that automatically dials numerous phone numbers to connect to agents.

The blended call center system is for companies who have both inbound and outbound functions. For advanced voice self-service applications, some software offers IVR with speech recognition.

For companies who need automated notifications, voice message broadcasting or appointment reminders, the auto dialer function keeps customers informed so that employees can focus on revenue-generating activities.

To further minimize staffing costs and improve productivity, some software applications include an integrated workforce management solution, which enables agent scheduling and staffing.

Factors in Purchasing Call Center Software

To find a call center software solution for your company, consider the following factors:

For businesses with call centers in various countries, the element of scalability is critical in providing a secure and stable enterprise call center solution.

In the past, companies were limited by their geographical location. Now, however, call centers do not have scalability restrictions in choosing hosted options.

Pricing for Call Center Software

Call center software is a tool that can benefit your business with a higher profitability and lower costs, but you need to pick the right software at the right price.

The price of call center programs varies but one feature is common—providers charge by the seat. Software is purchased on a per license basis, which costs between $800 and $1500 an agent, according to

Group software can cost between $2000 and $25,000 depending on quality and available features. Maintenance plans may add 10 to 20 percent to the total cost. Volume and group discounts may be available for purchase.