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What You Need to Know About Web Hosting:

The Internet is a massive place. When you’re browsing, you jump from server to server and page to page. Those servers and pages have one thing in common: they’re all hosted somewhere.

A web host (also known as a web hosting service, website hosting, or domain hosting) is like an Internet landowner. Every site owner on the Internet needs to buy "land" from a host. Since the web hosts aren’t going to pass up on a cash cow and give you space for free, they rent out space on a server. Since there are so many sites and hosting services out there, the actual server space is fairly cheap. The problem is that you need much, much more than server space to start a website.

That’s where we come in. For six years, VoIP Review has been a leader in the telecommunications industry. Now, we’re branching out across the Internet. If you’re going after VoIP phones, we figure you might as well pick up some general web knowledge along the way.

There are hundreds of web hosting services out there. Let voipreview.org help you pick the right one.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing? Best Web Hosts!

There are thousands of web hosting services out there. Unfortunately, many hosting services are just plain bad. They crash, they don’t return your phone calls, and they pile on fees after promising you unlimited bandwidth.

There’s another side to the coin, though. There are great web hosts out there: they provide large amounts of bandwidth and storage space for reasonable prices. And there’s always someone on the other end of the line when you call.

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Which type of service is for you?

Most reputable web hosting services scale their service based on who is buying. Are you:

  • A small business owner, looking for a scalable hosting service that can offer support as you grow?
  • Launching a web-based business and need the features and services up front – and in the future?
  • Looking for some personal hosting space?

Which web host do I need?

What’s in a domain?

A domain is what your website is built on. The domain name is the address — like "voipreview.org" — that people can search for and use to access your websites and their content. So a domain is really important.

Usually, your domain name is going to be registered by a domain hosting service (that's just another name for a web host). If you follow the jump, you can find our advice on how to construct and buy a good domain name.

Learn what's in a domain

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