Internet Speed Test

Check your Internet speed to see if your Internet speed is fast enough to use VoIP. Our Internet Speed Test can also be used to test your connection or local network for upload and download speeds and consistency of service.

Our internet speed test is completely free and will give you a brief, detailed report  after you test your Internet speed.

You need to have Java installed on your computer to run our Internet speed test. If the speed test below doesn't load or doesn't work, please use the latest version of Java.

Now that you know how fast your connection is, find out how much you can save.

Definitions of Internet Speed Test terms

These are the terms that you should know when you use our Internet speed test.

Download Speed: How fast you can download a file from the Internet. Measured in bytes per second.

Upload speed: How fast you can upload (put) a file to the Internet. Measured in bytes per second.

For VoIP, you want at least 80 kilobytes per second (80,000 bytes or .08 megabytes per second) to ensure that you can make calls without interruption.

Consistency of Service: whether or not your Internet connection is constant. Good consistency of service is very important with a good Internet connection.

If you play computer games, you might think of Consistency of Service like Ping.

Jitter: Think of this like your Internet connection's pulse. A low pulse is healthy and means your connection isn't frequently interrupted.

Packet Loss: measures how much data was lost en route. Too much packet loss can mean a whole host of network problems are occurring.

Round Trip Time: How long it takes for you to send a signal and be notified that the signal has been received.

MOS score: stands for mean opinion score. 1 is bad, 5 is excellent. MOS measures how well the sound of your voice is compressed and decompressed. It is a rough measure of sound quality. 4.1 is typical for the most standard VoIP protocol (G.711).