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With Hosted VoIP PBX (also known as Hosted VoIP or Hosted PBX), you get the benefits of a big business-style phone system without the expensive equipment cost of an IP PBX phone system.

A hosted VoIP provider allows you to use features on an IP PBX phone system that to greet customers with a custom message, route customers to the correct department, and use fewer phone lines overall. Each of the hosted VoIP providers below offers Hosted VoIP PBX at reasonable rates.

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Benefits of Hosted VoIP PBX

Using a hosted VoIP PBX phone system (such as Vocalocity) provides you with the following benefits:

  • No more busy signals
  • A consistent company message
  • Multiple and easy-to-navigate departments
  • Fewer phone lines
  • Voicemail for every extension
  • Much lower equipment costs

Most of these benefits occur because hosted VoIP routes calls through an auto attendant. In this case, we can consider the auto attendant as a stand-in for the PBX (it's easier that way).

An auto attendant can be represented by that greeting that you get when you call a large company. You know, the greeting that says the company's name and directs your calls to new extensions? Something like:

"Hello! Thank you for calling If you'd like to submit a review, press 1. If you'd like to subscribe to our hosted VoIP newsletter, press 2." And so on.

An auto attendant makes sure that your company's phone never rings off the hook. A hosted VoIP auto attendant makes your company look good in other ways, too.

A hosted VoIP system prevents busy signals – customers that call and can't have a call answered right away are directed to a custom company voicemail. Or they can be sent to an employee with an idle phone. Or, after a certain number of rings, a call can transfer to your desk. Or all the possible phones in the building will ring. There are many solutions with hosted VoIP PBX, more than those listed here, to ensure you'll never miss a call from a potential customer again.

Because you are using a phone system that the hosted VoIP provider owns, maintains, and operates, you don’t have to worry about configuring an expensive phone system on your own. IP PBXs can be really expensive; like, a couple thousand dollars for the equipment. The best hosted VoIP providers (like Vonage Business Solutions) put a lot of work into making it very easy for you to configure and reconfigure your system. If you're calling it a Virtual PBX, RingCentral is a good way to go.

Because these hosted VoIP providers try to make their system easy to use, changing your auto attendant is easy. Adding a new department, with a new department greeting is easy too. Most features, you can set them up with minimal help from tech support.

The benefits of Hosted VoIP PBX depend on the size of your business and the number of phones you'll need to use. Once your company begins to grow, you'll need to consider growing with your current phone system or investing the time and money in an IP PBX. Paying $30 a month per user is a great deal for five, ten, even twenty users. Beyond that, setting up your own phone system may have steeper start-up costs, but it will save you more money in the long run (you'll only pay for the actual phone service connection, none of the other stuff).