Free Internet Phone

Free Internet phone service is out there, but it has its limits. Free Internet phone services use VoIP to transmit your calls across the web or to a phone line.

All free Internet phone services require a computer and a headset or microphone.

Free Internet Phone Services

1. Skype

Skype is a free program for your PC. It features conference calling and text chat in addition to video calling.

Only PC to PC calls are free with Skype.

Skype is more like messaging programs (MSN, Y!Chat) or communication software like Ventrilo and Teamspeak. Otherwise, you must purchase Skype Credit. Skype Credit covers the charge for calling landline and mobile phones.

2. Google Voice

Google Voice is a free Internet phone service that works within your Internet browser.

Google Voice is free for now. Free phone calls must be in the US and Canada. Google Voice subscribers can call other PCs (through Google Talk) or land line phones. Phone calls are disconnected after 3 hours.

For invited members, Google Voice offers other features. If you set up a phone number or connect to an existing phone number, you can text phones, listen to voicemail, or read transcribed voicemail.

3. iCall

iCall is a small, free desktop program that lets you call other PCs or phones. iCall also boasts apps for smartphones, but you need to pay for them.

Like Google Voice, iCall is only free in the US and Canada. Phone calls are limited to 5 minutes.

There are other free Internet phone providers such as EvaPhone and Freebuzzer, which only allow two minute calls or less. These free Internet phone services also limit how many calls you can make per day. Some of these free phone services make you watch or listen to advertisements before your brief call.

If you’re looking for phone calls more than five minutes with consistent service, go for professional VoIP service providers. If you need to make international phone calls, don’t use a ‘free’ Internet phone service—it’s not free.

Some VoIP providers offer more features based on existent Internet phone services. Check out teltub which is based on Google Voice. It allows you to use Google Voice’s free calls with your home phone system.

For other residential VoIP service providers, look below.