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Cheap VoIP international rates are one of the best reasons to switch to VoIP from your current telephone service. Use the table on this page (or our complete residential provider comparison) to compare VoIP providers based on the domestic and international rates, plans, and offers. Get more tips on international VoIP or learn more about International VoIP Calls.

More tips on international VoIP

VoIP providers occassionally offer special deals and discounts on international voip rates to users based on whichever country they call the most. Sometimes VoIP companies will offer a certain number of international calling minutes, free, each month. If you call internationally frequently, researching each voip provider's international rates for the country you intended on calling is a great way to save lots of money.

Each of the VoIP providers on this page has a list on international rates in a downloadable pdf. International Rates can change, sometimes frequently; they've probably changed since we compiled these documents. However, the pdfs enclosed should give you some idea what you can pay to call internationally with VoIP.

How international calling so cheap with VoIP?

VoIP lowers international calling rates the same way that it lowers low distance calling rates: by using the Internet to make the international VoIP call.

Basically, when you place a call from an IP phone, your call moves to the VoIP service providers network. Once the VoIP service provider finds a location close to your calling destination (like, an exit point that is geographically close), it places the call on the local telephone network.

Instead of having to pay for each network used (which is what you used to have to do), you only pay for the essential networks: the local network of the international destination you're calling and the VoIP provider's network (covered in your subscription fee). Depending on the internet service, connection quality, and VoIP network presence overseas, calls can be cheap (1¢ to 2¢ a minute for some place like France or England) or expensive (for some place like Afghanistan or rural Brazil, for example, anywhere from 20¢ a minute to much more!).

Some VoIP providers offer free in-network calling. Take advantage of this. Take your IP phone (that isn't registered to a specific location, because it otherwise you will totally screw up your E911 service) with you wherever you go and plug it into the Internet. You'll have the same phone number, no matter where you go.

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