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Reviews of Business VoIP providers. Hundreds of them.

There are business VoIP providers out there. A lot of them. Don't worry, though: we've got reviews of hundreds of business VoIP providers to make your search easier.

We've listed all the business VoIP services in our directory below so you can compare them on most important criteria: reviews!

From the biggest and best VoIP providers, like Vonage Business Solutions, to the small and growing, to the dastardly and fly-by-nighter VoIP companies, all the business VoIP reviews we have are right here. Additional Business VoIP resources.

Business VoIP Provider Info

Provider Provider Reviews Details
Hang up on high prices by switching to 1-VoIP phone services. 1-VoIP provides homes and businesses...
1010Talk | 1010Talk Reviews
1010Talk Homes and businesses can gain access to the lowest-price phone service available through...
AT&T Enterprise Phone
Integrated communications is the name of the game for AT&T’s Enterprise Plan. AT&T is a...
AT&T Small Business Phone
When it comes to small business needs, AT&T believes that small businesses have big...
Black Cloud Networks | Black Cloud Reviews
Black Cloud Black Cloud Networks provides a Hosted PBX VoIP phone solution for small and medium...
BlueClone Networks | BlueClone Reviews
BlueClone Networks Based in Princeton, New Jersey, BlueCone network is a trusted provider of...
BNC Voice | BNC Voice Reviews
BNCVoice BNCVoice, located in Westchester County, New York, provides business customers with...
Brainstorm Internet | Brainstorm Reviews
Brainstorm Internet Business VoIP Solutions Brainstorm Internet, based in Durango CO, is an...
BroadConnect Telecom | BroadConnect Reviews
BroadConnect Telecom BroadConnect Telecom provides VoIP services which include Hosted PBX, SIP...
BroadRiver | BroadRiver Reviews
BroadRiver has one of the largest offerings of IP services and Telecom infrastructure in the...

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Most of these reviews are Hosted VoIP reviews.

Hosted VoIP is the most common application of VoIP technology. Basically, a business owner leases access to a VoIP provider's VoIP servers and calling network in exchange for being able to call on the phone.

Since VoIP providers provide a service, it's important to know how well they provide that service. That's why we're here: to allow you to read business VoIP reviews and hosted VoIP reviews from real VoIP users.

What to look for in a Business VoIP review.

First off, we vet all our reviews pretty closely. We adhere rigorously to our submission guidelines, so you can research with confidence.

That being said, there are still some things you should consider when reading reviews on business VoIP providers.

  • How many reviews the provider has.
  • The overall number of stars.
  • The individual ratings.
  • Percentage of Recommendations
Number of Business VoIP Reviews

Older, more established providers have more reviews than newer VoIP companies. That doesn't mean, at all, that the new companies or worse or that the old companies are better.

However, you can feel more comfortable with your decision should you choose a provider with more reviews - we understand this.

Star Rating of Business VoIP Reviews

We allow users to rate and review their business VOIP provider with 5 criteria. We then combine these scores into one overall rating to spit out the overall rating for each of the SIP-enabled, virtual pbx, or hosted VoIP review:

  • Sound Quality
  • Reliability
  • Features
  • Customer Service
  • Price

Basically, people have given their opinion of the providers with regard to these five categories. The higher the category is rated, the better that reviewers opinion of the VoIP company's service. Makes sense, right?

Percentage of Recommendations within the VoIP Review

Reviewers recently got the ability to add a 'would recommend' or 'would not recommend' section to their answer. On providers with lots of old reviews, these statistics can be skewed, but on providers with newer reviews, these are a great, quick way to see our community's sentiment.

Write your own Business VoIP review.

Do you think that we've got the wrong opinion (good or bad?) of a VoIP provider? Let us know. We use your reviews to rate these business VoIP providers.

Find the provider you'd like to review with our search function or by looking through this table. Once you've found them, you can click on the "review" links on the VoIP provider's page. You'll be asked to register your account - after that, review away. (Remember, though, you only get one review per provider, so make it a good one.).