VoIP Calls

VoIP calls are a cheap way to make local and long distance phone calls. Any questions?

A VoIP call uses the Internet to make a call and it save you money because it allows you to bypass expensive telephone networks. VoIP calls are a local-to-local call – no matter where the final destination is.

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So, the question when it comes to making VoIP calls is: do you want to save money? Yes? Then you’ve come to the right place!

By switching to a VoIP calling service, you can save up to 75% on phone services.

Low Long Distance Rates with VoIP Calls

A normal long distance call moves data (which represents your voice) across a lot of telephone networks. Each network is like a jealously guarded and takes a small toll to use.

With VoIP calls, the only networks that are used are the local networks in each location and the VoIP provider's network and routing equipment. Cutting out these middle men is one of the reasons that VoIP calls can save so much money.

Low International Rates with VoIP Calls

International VoIP calls work the same way as long distance VoIP calls: A VoIP call routes the call from a local network, to the internet, and – hopefully – to the local network in the country you're calling.

For countries like France and Australia, with large Internet networks and large phone networks, VoIP calls can be completed very cheaply – often, they cost no more than a long distance call.

Calls to countries or areas within another country that don't have extensive Internet or Phone networks tend to be more extensive: the VoIP call has to use more and more expensive networks in order to make the correct calls.

Free VoIP Calls?

You can also make VoIP calls for free. Obviously, Skype is the most famous of the free VoIP calling services. But other VoIP services, such as CallCentric, offer free VoIP call programs, too. The only thing you need to do is call on your VoIP network.

It doesn't cost the VoIP provider anything to let them make a call on your VoIP network, so they pass the savings along to you. Pretty convenient, huh?

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