Phone and Internet

How phone and Internet work together to save you money on home phone service

Plenty of people know that bundling together your home phone and Internet service can save you money. This page is not about bundling your phone and Internet, not necessarily. But this page is about saving you money on your home phone service by using the Internet.

Phone over Internet, or voice over IP (VoIP for short), can save you a ton of money every year on home phone service.

Compare VoIP prices to prices the the phone company charges you - an astronomical amount of money each month without giving you any extra features.


Rather than using a very expensive and extensive copper-wire network to route your calls, then giving that network a fancy name like Digital Telephone Service (like the standard phone company does), VoIP providers use your broadband Internet connection to link you into their digital phone network and send calls over it. It’s home phone over Internet - your voice is coded to work through your Internet connection and sent wherever you’re calling.

Most VoIP providers maintain smaller networks with more advanced technology than the big phone companies. As a result, home phone by Internet networks requires less maintenance, are more reliable, and much less expensive to you, the consumer.

Home phone by Internet also gives you must more competitive international rates. $.05 to call Canada? Not anymore. Most phone over Internet companies give you Canadian calling at no additional cost. International rates tend to be steeply discounted by most providers- often only pennies per minute to call many countries. 3rd world countries tend to be more expensive, but that’s more because of less reliable phone service and rigid government regulation. In some countries, VoIP services are illegal.

Home phone over Internet providers do have a drawback though. Because your Internet connection is a crucial aspect to phone over Internet working for you, your Internet connection needs to be stable and relatively fast. An unstable Internet connection will make your phone calls stink

You also need high speed Internet. Slow Internet service won’t be fast enough to process calls and could bog down your Internet even more.

If you’d like to know if your Internet is fast enough for VoIP Phone and Internet service, you can use our Internet Speed Test. Check it out.