Internet Phone Service

Internet phone service, an application of VoIP technology, is changing the name of the game when it comes to business phone systems and home phone service:

Internet phone service, which uses the Internet to make phone calls, can reduce your monthly phone bill by an extraordinary amount. That is why Internet phone service is important.

If you still have traditional phone service or a landline, you are paying too much for your telephone service. Internet phone service has dramatically lowered how much it costs to communicate – and all you need is a high-speed Internet connection. Instead of using the phone company's outdated local and long distance network, Internet phone service transmits your voice digitally. It's that simple. And since Since these VoIP service providers work with much more powerful technology than the old phone company, Internet phone services can offer better features. Frequently, features that were expensive with the old phone company are included with your Internet phone plan.

Also, Internet phone service works with existing technology. You can just pick up the phone and dial whomever you wish. You don't need a new phone, because most companies will include an analog telephone adapter (like the one listed) with their service. The adapter will convert your traditional phone into one that can work with VoIP. If you do enjoy new technology, most of the IP Phones on the market are specially designed for use with Internet telephone. They're also relatively inexpensive. The choice is yours.

Each of the providers listed below offers Internet Phone Service. Certain providers only offer service in certain areas (ranging from the United states and Canada as a whole to certain metropolitan areas, states, or countries) and each provider has a different rate, special, and set of features. Use this table and others on our site to compare Internet phone services. We're here to help you find the best deal.