Free Internet Faxing

Free Internet faxing lets you send faxes over the Internet. It's the quick and easy way to send fax online.

Free Internet faxing sounds too good to be true?

It does exist and it really is 100% free.

(It's okay. We'll wait for you to come back to your senses.)

Back? Good.

There are several limitations you need to know about before you start grabbing those documents you need to send.

  • You can only send a limited number of pages. (usually up to 3)
  • You may be allowed to send a limited number of times (once per day is common)
  • Your cover page may have an advertisement on it.
  • You can only send faxes.
  • You do not have a fax number of your own.

Internet fax providers usually offer free Internet faxing services to allow people to try out their services and encourage them to subscribe. If you only need to send a few pages per month, you can rely on free Internet fax services. But if you have a business, the better alternative would be to subscribe to an Internet fax service.

What Does an Internet Fax Service have to Offer?

Permanent Number

Get a fax number without subscribing to a phone line. You can send and receive fax through this number.

Own Account

You can get your own web based faxing account. You can send, receive, and store your faxes. You can also access it using any device that can access a web browser, giving you more mobility.

Email Fax

Most Internet fax providers offer both web fax and email fax capabilities. With email faxing, you can send and receive faxes the same way you send and receive emails. It doesn't matter if the recipient uses a traditional fax machine, he or she will still get the documents you send.

Features and Support

When you subscribe to an Internet fax service, you get customer and technical support. You also get additional features such as the following:

  • Fax Broadcast: Send a fax to multiple recipients with just a few clicks.
  • Contact List: Save fax numbers and easily click on desired recipients when you need to fax.
  • Fax Notification: Get notified through your mobile phone when you receive a fax.
  • Cover Page Tools: Create a professional fax cover page for your faxes.

Affordable Internet Faxing

Internet faxing may not be free, but it's a more cost-effective way to fax than traditional faxing. Internet fax providers either charge an affordable fee per month, or on a pay-as-you-go basis. Monthly rates come with an allotted number of incoming and outgoing pages. Pay-as-you-go plans charge about 3 to 10 cents per page. Internet fax providers also charge less for international faxes than traditional phone companies.

Try Internet Faxing for Free

Now it's time to choose the right Internet fax provider to subscribe to. Below are several Internet fax providers you can compare and try out for free. Be sure to check out each provider's plans and faxing rates.

Internet Fax Service Provider Info

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February 9th, 2016 - AtulDeshmukh

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