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How VoIP customer service and Internet service affect your VoIP service.

Your experience with VoIP service is impacted by two other types of service: your Internet service and the VoIP provider's customer service.

VoIP Internet Service

VoIP is phone service over the Internet. That means that your internet service is almost as important as the VoIP service you choose – maybe even more important.

When considering any VoIP service, the first thing you should do is check your Internet speed. If your Internet is not fast enough, you will not be able to make high-quality VoIP calls. Your VoIP sound may be broken, distorted. Your voice may be lost. You may not be able to receive calls.

In these cases, you should upgrade your internet service. DSL is a minimum requirement for VoIP service, and cable (or better) service is preferred.

While internet service may cost more, you'll save much more on your phone service – especially when it comes to business and long distance calls.

Some VoIP phone companies bundle internet service and VoIP service together, such as Speakeasy.

VoIP Customer Service

VoIP is new technology – good customer service and technical support are extremely important!

Once you have a workable internet service, you should check our customer service rankings for the VoIP service.

Compare the star ratings that each provider has received and read the individual reviews to get an idea of which providers give the best service. The star rating below is an aggregate of five different points of emphasis for VoIP companies. Customer service is just one of those values. The individual reviews will do the best job of clarifying which service does the best job working with its customers.

Then, pick the provider whose plan and customer service attitude match your needs.


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