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VoIP Buster And VoIPstunt

VoIPBuster, Voipstunt,, Netappel, SIP Discount, Sparvoip, Internetcalls, Voipdiscount, Poivy and (etc) are all owned by the same company: Betamax. Each of these services (like VoIP Buster or Voipstunt) claims to offer Free VoIP service, but that's not really true.

"Betamax is Free!*  *for users with "Freedays," afterward the default rate will be charged."

Betamax runs multiple websites advertising free VoIP on each one. Select countries are 'free' to call for a limited time. Some of the websites may charge slightly different rates for a country, but they are essentially the same service. Most of the websites offer a free softphone (a program for your computer to run VoIP like a virtual phone). Others, like SIP Discount, offer web-activated callback to a telephone.

But what Betamax (or VoIPBuster, or VoIPStunt, etc) doesn't tell you is all services require pre-payment. That's where "Freedays" come from. Without credit, you have exactly 1 minute for a call. With pre-paid credit, you can call free locations for an hour at a time and you won't use up credit—but if you don't use the credit, it will expire. Credit also expires if you do not purchase more in 90-120 days. And eventually, your account loses any "free" minutes, forcing you to buy either more credit (without any freeday usage) or another pre-paid account.

If you'd like to skip Betamax's dubious tactics, check out some of the reliable residential VoIP service providers below.

Find out how much you can save today on Residential VoIP.

Compare top Residential VoIP providers in the table below

Provider Plan Features Rate/min. Trial Period Setup Fees Monthly Fees Details
VoIPo Home Phone
  • Unlimited Calls to US/Canada
  • Over 45 Features + Free 2nd Line
  • Free international call allowance
$15.00/mo. or $6.21/mo. with 2 year contract


30 days


$ 6.21 /mo. *


42 reviews

VoIP Phone Service
  • 2 months free, any plan
  • Phone adapter provided
  • No contracts, no cancellation fee
$8.32/mo. with 12-month agreement


Free first month


$ 8.32 /mo. *

Home Phone Service
  • Unlimited USA and Canada calling
  • Free hardware and activation
  • Money back guarantee, 30+ features
$6.25/mo. 1-year prepay equals $75.00/year


15 days


$ 6.25 /mo. *


52 reviews

Home Phone Service
  • Unlimited calling
  • Cellular phone compatible
  • 60 free international minutes
$8.33 is monthly average with 1-year prepay


30 days


$ 8.33 /mo. *

*Rates shown do not include E-911 charges, taxes, and surcharges. Most providers offering unlimited calling have restrictions and some rates shown are promotional rates based on term contracts or promotional periods. Be sure to read individual providers terms and conditions before you buy. Rates and features displayed for each provider have been sourced from provider's site and other online sources. While we strive to display current information, be sure to check directly with each provider as their plans, pricing, and features are subject to change.
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Who is Betamax?

What we know about Betamax thus far.

We know it's a European company. Betamax supposedly runs out of Cologne, Germany. It acquired Finarea SA in 2005 and all its VoIP services.

The VoIPBuster and VoIPStunt Terms of Use refer to Dellmont Software as the owner, which is supposedly run out of Luxembourg. There are a dizzying number of different company names out there. See the bottom of the page for all known Betamax services.

Betamax VoIP Credit Cologne

If "Betamax VoIP Credit Cologne" shows up on your credit statement, your credit account is likely compromised. Betamax is a genuine company despite their misleading business strategies. If you see this charge, cancel your card and report it to your credit card company. Also contact Betamax: [email protected]

Betamax will investigate all complaints regarding credit card fraud.

VoIPBuster & VoIPStunt

As explained above, VoIPBuster and VoIPStunt are just two of the many sites hosted by Betamax for VoIP services. They are nearly identical, but watch the international calling prices. As of September 2011, VoIPStunt is generally more expensive (we definitely recommend calling Barbados with VoIPBuster instead! It's 1900% more expensive with VoIPStunt, or 1 eurocent to 20 eurocents increase). However, these prices seem arbitrary; services will have random specials with different countries.

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Other Betamax Services

Here are a number of other services offered by Betamax

Users of SIP devices (session initiation protocol) such as SIP-capable phones and softphones such as Firefly or X-Lite can use The only included program is used to register the service. is a web-activated callback service, somewhat like Google Voice's integration with Sprint mobile phones.

Wholesale VoIP - &

Betamax now offers wholesale VoIP targeting businesses using a minimum of 5000 minutes per month. There is no free service, but it boasts low rates for traditional landline and mobile destinations. 

Betamax Sites (company site) (company site) (new as of May 2011) ( (N/A, Dellmont owns) 

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