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MyFax simplifies the sending and receiving of documents for your business with their online fax service. No more paper wastage, no big clunky machines. With MyFax, you can send and receive your fax by email, or even mobile. You can use your existing email address and either a local or toll free number. MyFax also saves you a lot of money because there are no additional charges for international faxes within their free faxing zone. If you're worried about documentation, MyFax also lets you have a fax archive which saves sent and recieved fax online for one year. 

Their Best Value plan is only $10/month with 100 pages for sending and 200 pages for receiving. Their Most Popular plan is $20/month and lets you send 200 and receive 200 faxes. The Fax More plan moves it up to 400 send and 400 receive. Additional pages are only 10 cents per page. Try their 30 day free trial!

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<span>I own a small business and only need to occasionally send faxes.&nbsp; I didn't want to have to pay the phone company for a dedicated ring or line for a fax in our office even though fax machines themselves have come down in pricing to something extremely affordable!&nbsp; I found <span>MyFax</span> to be convenient and well priced.&nbsp; I initially signed up for the lowest plan of $10/month but realized that I wasn't sending or receiving faxes each and every month.&nbsp; I called <span>MyFax</span> and asked them if there was any other plan that would suit my needs.&nbsp; They offered me a $5 plan with up to 50 pages a month.&nbsp; I was really impressed with the way they were willing to work with me instead of losing me as a customer.&nbsp; I think <span>MyFax</span> is a great service- I really like how easy it is to create any file from PDF to <span>jpg</span> and send it anywhere.&nbsp; It is so simple having my own fax number and receiving faxes and confirmations directly into my email account without having to log into <span>MyFax</span> to check and see if I have any pending faxes.&nbsp; </span> I highly recommend this company especially for individuals without a fax machine or small company's that do not use faxes on a regular basis.
Great prices, convenient, good customer service, easy to use, flexible
None! They have been willing to work with all of my needs.


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