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IP phone systems or VoIP have come a long way from being just buzzwords to having over 150 million users. IP  simply stands for Internet Protocol. IP phone systems allow phone calls to be made through the internet instead of the ordinary PSTN system. IP phones or VoIP phones may use devices similar to traditional phones or VoIP software known commonly as Softphones. Because IP phones use the internet, rates can be much lower than those of traditional phone companies that have to roll out infrastructure in order to provide a connection.

IP phone systems have also come a long way when it comes to technology, now having more robust features and services. Typical features included in voice over IP phone systems are caller ID, call park, call conferencing or multiparty calls, and stored directories. Business VoIP providers offer even more with easy phone management and unified communications systems.

IP phone systems have a lot of advantages that include cheaper rates, ease of use, scalability, increased functionalities, and increased overall productivity. These make VoIP an especially great choice for business telephone systems. The possibilities opened up by using the internet have made way for functions such as auto attendants, internet faxing, web conferencing and more. IP phone systems will ultimately save you up to thousand per year compared to your traditional phone service.

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