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Discount Business IP Phone

Shopping for discount business IP phone service is easier than ever with VoIPreview.org. Now you can compare internet phone service prices and features on one page. Making the switch to a discount business IP phone starts here. The end is savings greater than 40% compared to your old telephone line.

A discount business IP phone service offers cheap monthly rates with unlimited local and long distance calling. Voice over IP also allows for very cheap international calling - extremely cheap. Aside from these savings, an IP phone service also provides the following advantages:

  1. Ease of use: VoIP phones are easy to use. You can use the phones you currently have with an adapter. You can use plug-in-and-talk VoIP phone. Larger businesses might look into PBX technology: an on-premise PBX system or a hosted PBX. Hosted PBX is remotely manaaged and maintaned by the VoIP provider. An on-premise system gives you the flexibility to make changes to your VoIP service on your own Private Branch Exchange.
  2. Feature-rich: Your VoIP phone can do what your old landline could do - and a lot more. Features that you used to pay extra for - call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID - are built in to your VoIP phone. Advanced features - call conferencing, auto attendant, online account management, advanced voicemail, and more - also jazz up your business IP phone.
  3. Mobility: Take your VoIP phone service anywhere! We're serious. Transferring and adding phones with VoIP service is fast and easy. You can plug your VoIP phone at a different location, and it will still work with the previous number. You can also use a softphone when you are away from the office. Bring your VoIP phone service with you from state to state, or even into another country!

We have listed discount business IP phone providers below. Read user-written reviews and compare different plans offered by various VoIP providers to get the best provider for the best discount.

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Phones keep rebooting randomly during conversations. The app for Windows keeps crashing machines. They give us fixes that don't fix anything...

March 24th, 2017 - FrustratedCustomer

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