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According to the US Census, Denver is the smartest, thinnest, and “green”-est city in the US. It’s no wonder that businesses and residents are switching from traditional landline telephone service to Internet service in droves, and saving up to 80% on their phone bills in the process.

“VoIP” (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the cheap, green way to conduct business or stay in touch with friends and family anywhere in the world. All for a fraction of the cost of traditional telephony. Simply put, VoIP digitizes signals so that calls, faxes, and messages can be transmitted over the Internet rather than the traditional method of copper landlines.

Copper landlines require mining, clear-cutting, chemical smelting and other production methods that are extremely harmful to the environment. They are also extremely expensive to install, maintain, repair, and replace. When people become aware of the impact that landlines have on the environment, their immediate reaction is to seek a cheap, eco-friendly alternative like VoIP.

Business VoIP service plans are feature-loaded and easily managed using cloud-based technology from a laptop or desktop. VoIP is particularly attractive to startups and growing businesses because of its versatility. Extensions can be added, deleted, or altered from the desktop management system without a lengthy, expensive service call.

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Residential VoIP for Denver

Although Denver is the most highly educated city in the US, making the switch from traditional residential phone service over to VoIP is a “no-brainer”. With rates that are 80% cheaper than landlines, Internet phone service plans makes economic and environmental sense

Service plans start at $5.99/month and don’t contribute to mining, clear cutting, and chemical groundwater pollution the way landlines do. Many providers offer unlimited international calling, but even the paid rates start at two cents a minute. That means a 45 minute call to a friend in Europe costs under a buck.

Mobile applications for VoIP, or, “MoIP” are already in the works, which will transmit all signals to and from a smartphone via WiFi with plans starting as low as $6.00/month. As demand increases however, the service plans will likely increase in cost as well. Now is the time to obtain a contract for residential VoIP service and secure a low monthly rate. VoIP providers also offer no-contract plans for the commitment phobic.

VoIP providers currently serve the 303 and 720 area codes in Denver.

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