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Nextiva vs Cyclix Networks

Compare Nextiva vs Cyclix Networks. Find out whether Nextiva or Cyclix Networks is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Nextiva and Cyclix Networks and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below.

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The 21st century has no shortage of new technologies saturating the market. Even with all the innovation that’s occurred within the past few decades and fierce competition, Cyclix Networks emerged as a leading telecommunications firm that...

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  • Nextiva Office Enterprise - $29.95
  • Nextiva Office Pro - $19.95
  • Nextiva Office Pro Plus - $22.95
  • Business-Connect - $17.95
  • Enterprise Plan - $0.02
  • SIP Trunk Plan - $24.00

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Our psychiatric practice takes care of 5,000 patients. We purchased Nextiva phones, fax and equipment in 2017. Fast Forward 3 years later during a pandemic, and our medical office needed more phone lines. Patients could not reach their doctors as we literally could not answer the calls coming in with the number of lines we had (really unsafe to patients and overall medical care, we needed 6 lines and not 3). Nextiva after multiple attempts and shutting our phones down for two business days (again very unsafe and scary to our patients emergent needs during the pandemic) could not add phone lines and demanded we purchase upgraded equipment. Mind you this would be very expensive. We went with a different carrier and now have six lines to safely care for our patients during these emergent times. We never bought new equipment either. Nextiva states they will not release us from a contract as their lawyers in the state of Arizona have placed a two year autorenewal on our contract. This is illegal in Florida and there are laws to protect against it but in Arizona where the company is based its not a law. They will not release us from the contract despite the circumstances and we have been good customers. Please see better business bureau complaints regarding the same issue. The autorenewal Nextiva has goes into effect with no email, no written notification or any notification at all. They than force you to pay the balance or threaten with collections and to ruin your credit score. To me this is a horrible practice of business and they could care less about our medical practice caring for those with mental illness during a time of crisis. All they care about is the bottom dollar. Please just look at the BBB complaints (Nextiva doesnt even respond to those as they just want $$$). The human resource department and customer support is horrible. They don't even respond to you once you sign the contract.

rich10900 July 13th, 2020

We signed a 3 year contract with Nextiva in anticipation of building and opening our new office on April 1st. Not only could we not finish building the office, we have had to close our exisiting office and lay off all employees. We never used their services, never used the phones. They will not let us out of the contract. Their "generous offer" as it was put to us, was to put our account on hold for 3 months instead of just month to month, while we continue to pay a fee for each of the eight lines we will never use. They were not open to other offers or compromises we proposed. The only other option we were offered was to pay off the 3 year contract in full, to end it. I have had other vendors we work with send offers, discounts and refunds without our even asking. Not this company. They just want their money and could care less about trying an approach with a bit of humanity. Their customer service is a stone wall. Their attitude, pretty despicable considering the current situation and my telling them we most likely would not have a business in three months let alone 3 years.I am a CEO and owner of a company. Never ever would I treat a brand new nor an existing customer in this manner.

Snowglow June 11th, 2020

We are a medical office who used Ring Central. After time we realized we needed to expand. After shopping around we found Cyclix and everything was great ever since we start our process. They helped us every single step of the way and were very dedicated. The system has been functional for some time. The best part was the transition, we did not even realized it happened! We are happy with their fax system. It was the main reason for us to switch due to lost faxes with Ring Central. The call clarity is great. The pricing is amazing. I cannot say enough about the staff, especially Emily, she has been helping our company an immense amount with us fine tuning the system the way we need it to function at an efficient pace.

Dr. Paul November 16th, 2018

This review comes from a global operation with over 1000 employees and over 60 locations in the USA and Canada. We used Cyclix redundant SIP Trunk product which simplified our VoIP Enterprise Solution. We've managed VoIP phone systems since the early 2000's when they were first being introduced. We slowly transitioned from PRI/T1 technology to SIP with Cyclix over the years with a near flawless transition. Voice quality never suffered. As always with any transition we did have some hurdles or incompatibilities but the Cyclix support engineering staff helped resolve and even provide guidance to our integrator. I would highly recommend Cyclix to any Small to Medium sized business looking for SIP Trunk Solutions or Hosted solutions.

Dean Lebron August 27th, 2018
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