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Compare VoIP

Compare VoIP services to find the best deal.

There are hundreds of VoIP services out there – if you compare them, you can find the best one for you.

Here a few criteria to compare when looking for VoIP service:

  • Type of service
  • Customer Reviews
  • Appropriate features
  • Time in business

Compare the type of VoIP service

What type of VoIP service do you need? If you compare the options each VoIP provider offers, you'll find what VoIP plan will work best for you.

VoIP companies offer a variety of services: business or residential, with a virtual or premise-based PBX, with metered or unlimited calling. Compare each of these options to help you decide on a specific VoIP service.

Metered calling means that you will pay per minute for the calls you make. Unlimited calling means that you will pay a monthly fee for unlimited calling within a specified service area (which is usually the United States and Canada).

PBXs are used by businesses, almost exclusively. A virtual PBX creates extensions for a business and it is run and maintained by the VoIP service provider. A premise-based PBX is the actual "switchboard" itself. It costs more upfront, but it gives large companies full control over their calls.

Business VoIP and residential VoIP serve different groups of customers. Residential VoIP will supply VoIP service to your home. You can compare featured VoIP providers here. The providers below are business VoIP providers. We've included all their unlimited plans (or as close as they get, in the case of Jive )– it helps to have a reference point with which to compare.

  • Business or Residential
  • Virtual or Premise-based PBX
  • Metered or Unlimited Calls

Compare customer reviews

Compare reviews of the VoIP service. The stars next to each provider represent their average star rating, according to real users.

Once you have decided which provider is the best, it may be helpful to compare the actual reviews they received. The breadth of experience that other users provider may help you decide which service to choose.

Compare VoIP features

Compare the features of each VoIP provider. You will probably have to visit the provider's websites for more details – most of the features vary per plan and in price. We've tried to give you a basic understanding of which features which providers offer.

Important features to consider are:

  • Auto attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Multiple extensions
  • Multiple lines

Compare time in the VoIP business

One important, final consideration is to consider how long the VoIP company has been in business. Older companies tend to be more seasoned and more capable. They may also have more reviews – and some of the earlier ones may not be the best! Younger providers may be less experienced, but that may be a good thing – perhaps they haven't given their customers such a bad experience.

Age is a minor thing to compare between VoIP providers but it can inform your choice.


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