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Small Business VoIP Advantages

Small Business VoIP is one of the best ways for your small business to save money.

Small Business VoIP providers offer great incentives along with great business phone service, geared specifically towards the needs of a small business.

Small business VoIP offers small businesses the following advantages:

  • Cheap VoIP phone service
  • A versatile business VoIP phone system, designed for small businesses
  • Flexible VoIP plans for small business
  • Money-back guarantees, for all businesses
  • High competition between small business VoIP providers
  • Find Me/Follow Me, an excellent feature for small business owners

Small Business VoIP providers offer very, very cheap rates when it comes to small business VoIP.

Instead of paying $50+ a month per phone line for your VoIP service, you'll pay, at most, $40 a month. That's $10 a month savings, $120 a year, on each phone. That's some capital that any small business could use.

Some of the other small business VoIP providers below offer even more of a discount. Use the table to compare prices and rates upfront, and then visit the provider's websites for even more information.

VoIP-enabled phones

Versatile VoIP Phone Systems, designed for Small Business

One of the best features VoIP offers to small businesses is the business VoIP phone system, also known as a PBX business phone system

PBX stands for private branch exchange and what it means is that your entire small business is connected in one sophisticated VoIP network.

With a Small Business Phone System, you'll be able to use:

  • an auto attendant to filter your calls to the right people
  • present a consistent professional image to customers
  • useful features like Find Me/Follow Me

Small Business VoIP Systems also usually use hosted PBX. Hosted PBX means that the small business VoIP provider manages and maintains the VoIP phone system.

That means that the Small Business VoIP provider is responsible for the system; they have the expertise and know-how to solve any problems that can come up. You don't have to be an expert. You can focus on your small business.

Hosted PBX represents great savings for small businesses that use VoIP. That's because your business doesn't have to purchase an IP PBX phone system.

All the plans listed below are geared toward small business. They provide you with unlimited minutes and a hosted PBX VoIP system for your small business.

However, most VoIP providers offer a variety of plans for small businesses with differing plan needs. Providers offer metered and unlimited plans:

Metered plans provide you with a certain number of minutes a month, plus additional minutes for a low per minute fee.

Metered plans are best for phones that your small business doesn't use frequently.

VoIP-enabled phone

Find Me/Follow Me For Small Business

Find Me/Follow Me is one of the most important features that VoIP companies can offer to small businesses.

Find Me/Follow Me uses your hosted VoIP PBX to forward calls to pre-specified numbers. This means that you can never miss a call: if someone calls your office, find me can ring your office and cell phone at the same time.

When you leave the office, you can have calls follow you, by instantly transferring them from one to the other. It is a great way to bring mobility to your business and to ensure that you are always connected to your phone system, even if you are away from your desk.

Of course, if want to miss a call, you can always turn Find Me/Follow Me off. Or take advantage of the Do Not Disturb feature that is common among VoIP providers.

business VoIP providers

High Competition in the Small Business VoIP market

Not only does this drive the price of small business VoIP down, but it means that Small Business VoIP providers are eager for your business.

Use your clout as a consumer to get the best deal possible. Ask if the provider offers special benefits for small business. See if you can get an IP phone for free. Try for a percentage discount across the top.

You'll never know unless you ask. Small businesses are the most popular market for VoIP providers to pursue, because they often can make use of the services the VoIP provider offers. And they appreciate the discount that small business VoIP brings, compared to traditional business VoIP phone service.

Compare Small Business VoIP options

Use the table above to compare options from top VoIP providers.

You can click on a banner to visit the providers website and the button to visit the provider's page on our website. You can find reviews and a brief summary of their VoIP service.

Money-back Guarantees

Most small business VoIP providers offer a money-back guarantee.

Make sure that you carefully read the terms of the money-back guarantee before you begin the service; often small business VoIP providers have specific steps you must take to secure your money back guarantee. They also often have a return and cancellation window.

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