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Josh van Bruggen Jan 13, 2010
As you begin your search for the right VOIP product, you will be amazed at the number of options you have for your business.  To give you an idea of the incredible benefits you... Read More
Jackson Weber Jan 13, 2010
Back in December, Nokia shocked the world by planning to releasing their flagship phone , Nokia N97, which pre-bundled with free Skype software for voip calls over WiFi. This is... Read More
Josh van Bruggen Jan 13, 2010
You might have heard of it but what is VOIP blaster and how can it benefit your company?  Without a doubt, when it comes to telecommunications, one of the biggest challenges faced... Read More
Jackson Weber Jan 13, 2010
With today’s every changing technological advances, AT&T committed to compete in  the VoIP world with “CallAdvantage”. Although the highly respected company opted to roll with... Read More
Jackson Weber Jan 13, 2010
Vopium recently launched voip application for Iphone. Unlike other voip application like Skype(and SkypeOut) and Fring, Vopium is geared toward user oriented features where user... Read More
Jackson Weber Jan 13, 2010
Zingotel has been in business for quite some time and it finally went on their knees and collapsed. Ones would say because they have poor residential voip service or customers... Read More
Jackson Weber Jan 13, 2010
If you’ve decided save hundreds of dollars on your phone bill by switching to a VoIP phone service, you should now consider your hardware options. There are a variety of VoIP... Read More
Josh van Bruggen Jan 13, 2010
If you are in the market for residential VOIP, you will find a number of quality choices.  One of the newest and innovative has recently entered the market – Phonom.  This... Read More
Contributing Author Jan 13, 2010
The Packet8 VOIP is unlike any other type of VOIP communication solution on the market today.  With the Packet8 VOIP, you can use your high-speed Internet connection to complete... Read More
Jackson Weber Jan 13, 2010
Wholesale VoIP will help you meet the demanding needs of today's telecommunications customers. Increase your profit margins and begin competing with larger service providers... Read More


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This is an awful company. No ethical standards at all. They were charging our church $240/month for VOIP phone services for years. We finally...

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8x8 just gets the job done for us. A good phone system is one you don't have to think about much. It has all the features we need, and works well...

January 19th, 2019 - guybf1

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