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Ion Mae Jan 19, 2017
Allworx Verge IP phones and Reach app
As smartphones today play an increasingly important role for business, thanks to its ability to manage communications from anywhere, traditional office telephones have seemed to... Read More
Ion Mae Jan 19, 2017
ShoreTel cloud phone system
Channel partners play a crucial role in the success of vendors in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) space. They help vendors get faster access to markets without tying up... Read More
Ion Mae Jan 18, 2017
VoIP phone handset
The voice communications space has undergone immense growth and evolution over the past years. With the rising popularity of cloud technologies, today’s voice communications... Read More
Ion Mae Jan 14, 2017
avaya conferencing solution
Avaya, a global leader in business communications software, systems, and services, is kicking off the year with Avaya ENGAGE, a premier business and technology conference, to be... Read More
Ion Mae Jan 13, 2017
ringcentral dashboard laptop computer
When it comes to business communication tools and technologies, there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution that works for all types of businesses in all industries. While some... Read More
Ion Mae Jan 12, 2017
voice solutions
Windstream (Winstream Holdings, Inc., NASDAQ: WIN: $7.90), a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions for consumers, enterprises, and wholesale... Read More
Ion Mae Jan 11, 2017
team collaboration tool
Cloud-based team collaboration tools and integrations were trending in 2016, and have continued to do so in the new year. From instant messaging to file sharing, voice and/or... Read More
Ion Mae Jan 10, 2017
Audiocodes-Genesys joint solution for contact centers
Forming long-lasting strategic partnerships with another business is a key factor in speeding up the growth of a company. It can help a company get better exposure and expand... Read More
Ion Mae Jan 09, 2017
Line2 product suite
To say that business communications have changed significantly over the past number of years is an understatement. New technologies, from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)... Read More
Ion Mae Jan 05, 2017
modern ip pbx phone on table
In many of today's offices and businesses, the rooms that once housed bundles of copper wires, cables, servers, and other telephony hardware are slowly disappearing. With the... Read More