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Ion Mae Mar 28, 2017
Analytics tool
Cloud communications solutions have made it possible for businesses of all sizes to go beyond traditional phone calls in order to stay connected. By weaving together innovative... Read More
Ion Mae Mar 24, 2017
Broadview Networks products
Businesses of all sizes and sectors depend on a variety of business applications and tools to manage operations, drive growth, and boost company performance. From communicating... Read More
Ion Mae Mar 23, 2017
Cloud communication concept
As the global demand for robust cloud communications solutions heats up, leading VoIP, UC, and contact center providers continue to map out their own strategies in order to grab a... Read More
Ion Mae Mar 23, 2017
businessman using smartphone messaging
8x8, a San Jose California-based provider of flexible cloud-based communications solutions, recently announced that it acquired LeChat, Inc., the parent company and creator of... Read More
Ion Mae Mar 22, 2017
Contact center solution
Contact center agents are the foundation of every agency’s success. Whether a contact center specializes in technical support, telemarketing, or customer care, it is crucial for... Read More
Ion Mae Mar 21, 2017
ooma office products
As smartphones and tablets continue to dominate the workplace, businesses can forget pay close attention to the actual phone system and provider they choose, thinking that their... Read More
Ion Mae Mar 20, 2017
Cloud in a server room
Software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) has been making headlines in the enterprise communications and networking markets. It has been dubbed as the “next big thing,” and... Read More
Ion Mae Mar 17, 2017
tcn cloud contact center platform 3.0
Contact centers are no longer merely call-taking centers. Due to the rising importance of the customer experience on top of the advent of cloud-based technologies, companies have... Read More
Ion Mae Mar 15, 2017
using pgi mobile collaboration exchange smartphone
The way we work has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Nowadays, working no longer means staying tied to an office desk for hours, and collaborating with fellow... Read More
Ion Mae Mar 14, 2017
IP phone
NetFortris, Inc., a trusted provider of secure, cloud-based communication solutions, announced that it has acquired Texas-based provider of Unified Communications as a Service (... Read More