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Which VoIP provider is the best for my home? And which VoIP provider is the best for my business? There are certainly a lot of factors to consider when choosing your VoIP provider. Each provider has different offerings, with various features and competitive pricing for business and residential plans.

On VoipReview, we make it easy to compare and contrast business and residential VoIP providers. With user-submitted reviews and up-to-date information, VoipReview aims to address all of your VoIP questions and needs. We strive to answer all of your questions so that you can pick the VoIP provider that best fits your home and/or business. View our compare table below to see some of our top VoIP providers.

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What Criteria is Used for Picking the Best VoIP Provider?

Pick a provider based on their ratings, user reviews, included features, and price tag.

Reviews are important. Prices are important. Legal terms and conditions are important. And a VoIP provider's offer is really important. What you need from a VoIP provider is crucial when it comes to choosing which provider offers the best VoIP solution for you.

Whether you are a business or a consumer looking for the best VoIP, the two most important factors in your decision are the provider's VoIP offer and what you need from your VoIP provider. The VoIP provider you choose might be the best for you, but a bad choice for another consumer.

Obviously, a business wants and gets a different type of 'best VoIP' compared to a residential customer. In the same light, a multinational corporation needs a different type of best VoIP compared to a mom-and-pop restaurant.

Compare the best business VoIP offers to the best residential VoIP offers above and start saving today. Or use our VoIP savings calculator to help determine which provider will best fit your needs.

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How Important is Price?

VoIP offers a quality product at a price you can afford, typically much less than a traditional phone service.

The best business VoIP providers cost an average of around $20 a month for unlimited calling, while the best residential VoIP providers cost an average of around $10 a month for unlimited calling. If you're only looking at price (which isn't recommended), it seems like a residential VoIP provider is the best deal for business and residential use, right? Contrary to popular belief, that is an entirely misleading conception. While residential VoIP plans are cheaper, they don't offer you the business-focused features and scalability that business VoIP plans provide their users. 

Price is important when it comes to picking the best VoIP – someone that charges you $50 a month for an unlimited phone plan is not giving you the best deal – but it’s not the only consideration. You also need to factor in a provider's flexibility, productivity features, scalability, number porting, and any additional monthly fees and taxes. All of these things are important to take note of when selecting the best provider for you

Still undecided? Use our innovative VoIP savings tool to find out which provider can offer you the best plan for the best price, suited to your needs.

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What Kind of Terms and Conditions are Available Through VoIP?

Don't forget to read the fine print when you sign up for a VoIP service.

Legally, when you sign up for VoIP service, you agree to the VoIP service provider's terms and conditions for service. Frequently, residential VoIP providers don't let you use their service for business use. That's because businesses make many more calls than most residential customers. And too many unexpected calls can crash a VoIP provider's network. This network outage, in turn, will take the VoIP provider to the bottom of the pack. So, most VoIP providers will change your plan or cancel your service if you use their VoIP service in a manner that they're not prepared for.

Most business VoIP providers also offer a large amount of useful features that are only practical for businesses (things like auto attendantsextensionshunt groups, etc.). Check out our business VoIP pages for more details.

To get the best VoIP service, assess what type of service you need: business or residential? If you're looking for a business VoIP phone solution, you also have the following options: hosted pbx, equipment-based SIP trunking and a PBX phone system, or wholesale VoIP. If you're looking for a residential VoIP phone solution, there isn't a big difference between residential VoIP plans. The plans vary based on price and on the number of minutes included, not on the delivery technology.

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What Price and What Type of Quality Does VoIP Deliver?

Affordable price tag, low cost rates, and top-notch service

Now that you've narrowed down what you need and you've looked at the terms and conditions, it's time to look at price and quality. Price is easy enough. But quality...that's a different thing all together.

Once you've figured out what type of technology you need, what do you want as far as calling is concerned? Do you need unlimited minutes, or can you use a metered plan and pay a low per-minute rate? A majority of providers offer metered plans or pay as you go options for users who don't spend too much time on the phone, yet require a dependable VoIP phone system.

Customer service is very important to customers. Customers need to know that they are in good hands, and that a company will help them with their troubles and concerns. Obviously, you can't give each VoIP provider a trial run and see how they respond to a customer service request, cancellation, dispute, etc. So the best way to find out about a particular provider's customer service is to read reviews from users like you! Read our VoIP reviews, compiled over time and rated on a number of categories. We have hundreds of user reviews across all of our VoIP service providers. We compile them into an aggregate ranking for easy viewing, but you should actually read the individual reviews to get a first-hand look at a provider. Don't just take the aggregate scores without context.

Be sure to look at the number of reviews, too - the more reviews, the more likely that you'll be able to see the gamut of emotions. Only then, will you be able to choose the best VoIP provider.

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