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Benefits Of VoIP | Advantages Of VoIP?

The benefits and advantages of VoIP are many. VoIP is both cheap and feature-rich. You can consolidate your communications into one system, creating more efficiency.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, meaning phone service over your Internet connection. Instead of using the circuit switch technology of conventional telephones, VoIP uses your broadband Internet (basically, an Ethernet cable) to contact a call's destination or receive calls.​

monthly savings

Benefit of VoIP #1:

VoIP is cheaper. The entire process of placing a call over the Internet is less expensive than using the PSTN (public switch telephone network). On the PSTN, a direct connection must remain open for the entire duration of a call. This process takes up a lot of bandwidth.

With VoIP, information is sent through the most efficient path over Internet Protocol. VoIP also uses small packets of compressed data which use less bandwidth.

Surveys have shown you can save from 40% (local) to 90% (international) on your phone bill by switching to a VoIP phone service.

VoIP makes long distance and international calling affordable. Long distance is always the same cost as local calling because VoIP is not bound by location like the PSTN.

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Benefit of VoIP #2:

VoIP has great features. One major advantage of VoIP is the set of features that come included in the subscription for free.

With landline home phone service, features cost extra per month, starting at around $25.

All VoIP subscriptions come with a standard set of features, unlike basic landline service. Common features include:

Business VoIP has many more advanced features like you see in private branch exchanges (PBXs).

The main feature of a PBX is the auto attendant, which manages and redirects calls to the appropriate extensions. A huge advantage of business VoIP is that you can get these features without necessarily having your own expensive equipment on-premises.

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Benefit of VoIP #3:

Mobility is another advantage of VoIP phone service. With many VoIP providers, you can carry your home phone wherever there is high-speed Internet and a VoIP phone adapter (or your laptop with a softphone). Plus, select VoIP providers also have their own mobile apps, allowing you to use your phone system and associated features on the go.

While cellular phones are the best form of mobile communication, VoIP is a good option for traveling abroad. You won't pay any extra fees for international calling as long as you're on the Internet to make your calls, and your number stays the same wherever you are. (Make sure that your VoIP provider is at least tacitly okay with you doing this before you try it).

While VoIP has many advantages over conventional phone service, there are some drawbacks.

First, a landline can still work during power outages, but VoIP needs electricity and Internet. VoIP setups can include a backup battery to protect against outages.

Second, landlines use a well-established system which is the primary method of communication during an emergency. The FCC still requires VoIP providers to have emergency systems, so many offer E911. E911 will forward your address to the emergency call center even if you can't speak during a call to 911.

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