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Affordable Business IP Phone

An affordable business IP phone uses VoIP service to make and receive phone calls. The rates can go much lower than what you pay with your traditional telephone service because local and long distance calling are usually unlimited. International calling rates are also as cheap as a few cents per minute. In addition to the savings it can give your business, affordable business IP phone also has superb features that help improve the way your business communicates.

Having an affordable business IP phone system offers the following advantages:

  1. Easy setup: With an online portal, setting up a new extension, user, or office is a cinch.
  2. Multiple location support: One service for multiple offices in different locations.
  3. Multiple extensions: Split up your own line to receive calls from multiple offices.
  4. No technical training required: IP phones are easy to use. With a hosted IP PBX, it is like outsourcing your communication system. The VoIP provider maintains the system and makes sure it is running well. The only hardware you’ll need are the IP phones.
  5. Full-range of features: There are tons of features and applications that can be integrated into your VoIP phone system. The most common ones are auto attendants, company directories, voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, and call conferencing. 
  6. Great quality and customer support: VoIP providers are now becoming more competitive as more of them keep sprouting up. The top-rated providers compete by offering superior connection quality and reliable customer support.

Be sure to check on your VoIP provider before subscribing. It is helpful to read VoIP reviews and ratings to help you make a better decision.

If you are ready to switch to a VoIP phone system, check out the affordable business IP phone systems below and read the reviews written by other users.


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