Small Business Web Hosting

Small businesses need a few things from their web host. Small business web hosting should be:

  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Ready-to-Grow
  • Easy to Access

Use this link to read the explanations of each of these terms below the table.

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What to look for from small business web hosting

Small Business Web Hosting Affordability

You've got a small business. You need a website. You also need it to be cheap.

Web hosting designed for small business should allow you to get a website hosted; since you have a small business, you don't need a lot of storage space (your site should be fairly small) but you do need a 99.99% Service Level Agreement. You want your website to be up all the time.

Because your small business web hosting doesn't need to have very many features or even very much storage space, you shouldn't have to pay too much for it. Simple, right?

You may also want to purchase web hosting from your web designer (you did hire a web designer, right?). They can resell it to you for a reasonable price and they should also be able to maintain the site for you. You will probably want to sign a contract with them about what they'll do for what price. It's fair for you and fair for them and it'll make everything else go smoother.

Small Business Web Hosting Flexibility

While you shouldn't have to pay very much for your web hosting, you should be able to do what you want with it. Multiple FTP accounts allow you and your web designer to access and change the website. With MySQL or other databases available, you can use much more complex content management systems (in case you have a need for them).

Having a CMS is a great idea for a small business website: it allows you to change the content in certain areas on your website without having to access the codebase.

Small Business Web Hosting Readiness to Grow

You should be able to expand your web hosting with your web host once your small business (or your small business website) starts to grow. Most web hosts offer different upgrading options; make sure you get what you need when you need it. And keep an eye on the bandwidth. That's what'll cost a lot.

Small Business Web Hosting Ease of Access

Your web host should have a control panel and Fantastico scripts - that means that you can install just about any kind of content management system, database system, or anything else you need, very easily.