Low Cost Small Business Internet Fax

Low cost small business internet fax services offer business owners a way to stay within a budget without sacrificing efficiency. Users can choose online faxing plans based on the volume requirements of the business. Some internet fax providers also offer pay per fax options. Low cost small business internet fax primarily provides email to fax – fax to email capabilities. On top of this, online fax providers also offer services such as online storage and web fax capabilities that lets users send and receive fax even if they’re not at the office. Businesses can also choose from either a toll-free or local number.

Low cost small business internet fax service helps companies do away with clunky fax machines that can cost a lot. It also helps minimize paper wastage and eliminates maintenance costs. Users also enjoy ease and convenience when it comes to managing their business fax. Documents can even be stored in secure online storage systems.

The table below features several low cost small business internet fax providers. If you are new to the concept of fax over IP, it would be helpful to avail of free trials offered by most online fax providers.

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