Internet to Phone

Using your Internet connection for phone service is not as difficult as you might think. With Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP), you can convert your Internet connection to power your phone system (or you can make a call from PC to phone). In this way, VoIP helps you make a call from the Internet to any phone (Internet to Phone call).

There are several different ways to set up this Internet to phone conversion. In order to set up your Internet phone service, you need:

  • A high speed internet connection
  • A way to convert voice to data

High Speed Internet

You need a high speed Internet connection to make an Internet to Phone call; this is because a voice call, when correctly coded, uses about 80kpbs. That won't work with a 56k modem or dial-up Internet; an Internet to Phone call with that quality Internet will be choppy and difficult to understand.

You need at least DSL internet to make an Internet to Phone call. If you're concerned that your Internet is not fast enough, you can check your Internet speed with our Internet speed test.

An Internet connection is very important for an Internet phone call, since the Internet is what connects your phone to the outside world.

Voice to Data

Converting your voice to data takes specific telecommunications codecs. Basically, these codecs are a way of making the sound of your voice into data and then compressing the sound of that data so it can be transmitted over the Internet.

Usually, this process is done by a computer, a special Internet Phone (known as an IP phone), or an adapter for a older, traditional telephones. Since it takes more than a little technical expertise, we recommend you use a VoIP service provider to make the computing easy.

Also, just connecting your phone to an Internet connection is not going to do anything. You need a way to get your call to terminate at the correct destination (that's a telecom way of saying "the number you dialed."). Internet telephone services are avaialble for residential and business phone plans.