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What you need to know about Internet Fax:

First things first: what we call Internet Fax can also be called Online Faxing, FoIP (Faxing over Internet Protocol), Efax, e-Fax, Fax over email, or IP fax. And then there are all the various combinations of VoIP and fax (fax over VoIP, fax by VoIP, et cetera). But no matter what you call it, an Internet fax is little different from an old-fashioned fax in terms of customer experience.

Internet faxing and traditional faxing both use the same basic mechanism to transmit information: a document is translated into a coded image (old fax machines used a series of tones to create the variations between black and white that show up as an image). Modern Internet technology has made the coding and decoding process much more efficient (and we mean much more efficient). Unlike email (to which you can attach images, a similar function to Internet faxing), Internet faxing also allows you to receive faxes from old-fashioned fax machines.

What's the difference, then? Internet faxing doesn't use a fax machine and doesn't hog a phone line. Internet fax is also efficient and portable. It's faxing for the 21st century. (Thinking like that, it's completely unlike traditional faxing, a 100+-year-old technology.)

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In a nutshell: The Benefits of Internet Fax

Internet fax is an important new business communications technology. What kind of benefits does internet faxing offer? How can it help your business save money? We look at the impacts of internet faxing on your business.

Benefits of Internet Fax

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