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VGSCLite released for VoIP Anti-Blockade, get free trial

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VGSCLite released for VoIP Anti-Blockade, get free trial

SpeedVoIP Debuts VoIP Anti-Blocking.
For political & economic reasons, ISP may block VoIP in your country. To protect your VoIP business & profit, SpeedVoIP Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is providing Security VoIP software solution, VGSCLite, which installed on the PC at the client side. And it’s specifically for softphone such as X-Lite.
Key Features:
Maximum call completion rate and maximum voice service duration
SIP core standards and a variety of drafts supported
Proprietary link layer protocol for controlling
Any 3rd-party Softphone/ATA/Gateway/IPPhone/IAD and SIP Proxy/Registrar/SBC supported
The most comprehensive codec including g.711/g.723/g.729ab/iLBC/gsm/speechX supported
Bypassing Narus and Verso platform detection
Flexible user-customized encryption policy driven
Strict call path protection and security up to termination
Only simultaneous signaling/media/T.38 fax packet support across any firewall.
No network or firewall modification is required.
Excellent voice quality without any latency and performance compromise
Small footprint terminal SDK
Available on all major platforms.

Pls review:
for details & get free trial at

Skype: svoipsalessilver
Yahoo: svoipsilver