Five Fun Facts About VoIP

When you’re shopping around for phone service, you may feel bogged down with information or feel lost in the terminology. While the whole decision making process can seem daunting or overwhelming, VoIP Review is here to take the stress out of your purchase.

Purchasing something new for your home or office should be an exciting endeavour, so to add a bit of excitement into the mix, we’ve announced the top five fun facts about VoIP!

1.) Send VoIP calls from your computer
Although it may sound like some complicated and futuristic feature, the VoIP softphone application is quite simple and useful. If you sign up with a virtual or hosted VoIP provider, you can sign into your VoIP account with any device that can access the Internet.

Once you’ve logged into your VoIP account, a softphone (dialpad) will appear on the screen of your PC, laptop, or even tablet, which you can use to make a VoIP call from your VoIP number. Because of this Internet phone option, you can access your call logs, contacts, and other VoIP calling features from virtually anywhere with Internet connection.

2.) Chat for free on VoIP to VoIP calls
VoIP providers offer you free VoIP calls between any callers with the same VoIP provider. Whether you have family in another country, or another business branch across the nation, if both parties are using the same VoIP provider, the calls are completely free. Neither caller will rack up international or long distance calling fees, and you can talk for as long as you want.

3.) Video conference
Numerous VoIP providers feature video chat options. Video conferencing offers you a virtual platform to meet with others in real time.

With this feature, you can “see” your daughter who is studying abroad, or schedule a virtual meeting with your remote employees overseas. Video chat provides you with a more personal way to keep in contact with your friends, family members, employees, and even clients and customers who live on opposites sides of the world.

4.) Access VoIP on your smartphone
Numerous VoIP companies provide mobile VoIP apps for iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerry phones. These mobile VoIP apps allow you to access your VoIP account from your smartphone and the ability to send and receive numbers from your business VoIP number.

This is a useful feature because when you’re using the mobile VoIP app, your calls use your VoIP account instead of eating up your cell phone minutes. You also can take advantage of those free VoIP to VoIP calls, along with the unlimited nationwide calling, and cheap international calling rates associated with VoIP systems.

5.) Don’t fret about missing a call
With all the advanced call forwarding features VoIP offers, it’s nearly impossible to miss a call. VoIP offers an especially helpful option called Find Me Follow Me, which allows you to program additional phone lines to ring when a caller dials your business VoIP number. You could set your cell phone ring and landline to simultaneously ring when you receive an incoming VoIP call, but you could also program the hotel room line, which you’re staying at while traveling on business, or even your beach house landline while you’re vacationing.

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