Cheapest VoIP

4 ways to find the Cheapest VoIP

Which is the cheapest VoIP provider? Good question.

Right now, the cheapest provider of unlimted United States and Canadian calls, listed on, is TelTub, followed by VoIPo. After that, Phone Power,, and ViaTalk. After that, there are providers like and ITP and Vonage. We don't include magicJack in this; they're more of a hardware VoIP solution, rather than a pure VoIP service provider. Skype is more of a calling card provider, which is why we haven't included them, either. But yes, they are one of the cheapest VoIP providers out there.

But say you're looking to at anoher VoIP provider. How do you get the cheapest VoIP?

That's why we've come up with four pieces of advice about how you can find the cheapest VoIP. Check back after the table.

Cheapest Residential VoIP

1. The Cheapest VoIP uses a contract

A contract with a voip service provider is a great way to secure the cheapest VoIP. Here's an example from Phone Power:

  • Phone Power Premium Monthly: $19.95 per month
  • Phone Power Premium 12 Month: $16.95 per month
  • Phone Power Premium 24 Month: $14.95 per month
  • Phone Power Premium Annual: $8.33 per month

All these plans offer the same exact thing: unlimited calls, bell, whistle; you can check the finer details of the offer by clicking their ad above.

The important thing is that if you sign a contract with Phone Power, you pay $3, $4, $10 less when you make a committment. You get the second year for free with the Premium Annual Plan, which is why it costs $8.33 per month. If you cancel your service before that free second year starts, you're paying $16.67 a month for the service (so, a little less than what you would pay per month for a 12-month contract).

If you want to get the cheapest VoIP, sign a contract. If you're concerned about cancellation fees or quality of service, sign up for one month, pay month to month, and see how the service works - then pay the $200 bucks for a year at a discounted rate.

2. Cheapest VoIP gives you unlimited calling

Let's compare some of's plans (they're a good stand-in) to get the cheapest VoIP. Say you use 550 minutes a month. That's 16 minutes on the phone every day.

With's monthly 250 plan, you'd pay $9.88 a month for the service, plus $11.70 for additional minutes (charge at $0.039 a minute) for $21.60 a month, total. With's monthly unlimited plan, you'd pay $19.88 a month. If you talked to your aunt in Pennslyvania for 3 hours, you would have to worry about paying an extra $7 for the call.

Because unlimited calling plans always cost the same amount, they're a good way to get the cheapest VoIP per minute.

Make sure you look at your usage before you sign up. If you only use 100 minutes a month, an unlimited calling plan is not the cheapest VoIP option.

Also, these are just internal calculations. Compare the relative cost of VoIP (in this case, 4 cents a minute) to the cost of long distance/extra calls from big telecommunications companies (6 to 10 to 15 cents a minute).

3. Cheapest VoIP has the cheapest international rate

Free long distance is cheaper than paying for long distance; the cheapest VoIP always has free long distance.

The cheapest VoIP will also have the best international rates. On a lark, I checked ITP, ViaTalk, and Skype's international rates for calls to Afghanistan and Germany. The rates:

Provider Afghanistan Rate Germany Rate
ITP $0.4900 $0.0290
ViaTalk $0.4310 $0.0365
Skype $0.3700 $0.0230

Skype has a 4 cent transaction fee per call (without a subscription). All prices are US dollars.

ITP and ViaTalk also have unlimited international call plans; ViaTalk additionally offers 60 minutes of free international calls a month.

If you call internationally, the cheapest VoIP gives you great international rates.

4. Cheapest VoIP gives you good, reliable service

Check out the user ratings, especially the reliability rating. Check out legal documents (like a VoIP provider's terms and conditions). Find out which VoIP provider will give you good service; that will be the cheapest VoIP provider. Why?

The better a VoIP provider is, the faster and easier to use their service will be. You won't have to cancel service, you won't have to spend hours on the phone with customer service, you won't have to worry about your service not working.